Look Who's Building a Big, Ugly, Financial Wall to Keep Students In.


Welcome to Hotel California”

Fences make for good neighbors. That was the old adage that actually stood the test of time until the age of Trump.

The Left and many on the Right now think that fences are not just bad, but downright unfriendly*. Many have compared Trump’s southern wall to Germany’s wall before Reagan caused it to fall. But they’re wrong. The wall separating East and West Germany was expressly built to keep people in, not to prevent others from entering.

Enter California, if you dare. Seems the Eagles were prescient with their song “Welcome to Hotel California“.

California State University has decided that they must protect their students from traveling to unfriendly LGBTalphabet states and has banned them from traveling to Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee. I’m sure Texas is next on their list since our state will soon pass a law against TG’s using the bathroom of their choice.

This wasn’t a suggestion or some kind of guidance. The state actually passed a law that went into effect Jan 1, 2017:

The law that went into effect Jan. 1 prohibits state-funded travel to states that are not LGBT-friendly, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.

Yes, CA enacted a travel ban law which prohibits students from traveling to certain states when state funding is involved. The same state that flaunts federal immigration laws. The same state with a county that just passed a resolution to impeach Trump. Also the same state that houses the 9th Circuit Court that said Trump’s temporary travel ban was discriminatory and unconstitutional!

The law has already impacted some students. From the DailyCaller.com:

The new law’s effects were felt by students at UC Davis, who planned on attending an undergraduate research conference in Tennessee. The new law prevented the students from attending because UC Davis was going to pay for them to go.

More than 100 Californians were chosen to be a part of the Council on Undergraduate Research Conference at the University of Memphis in April, but those who attend public universities will not receive funding to go.

One student was quoted (all quotes are from the same link unless otherwise specified) as it being a teaching moment for flyover country or sort of, so it seems, since everyone who isn’t from CA is a Deliverance type hillbilly:

“Instead of discouraging travel to supposedly backward places, we should encourage travel; otherwise, campuses will become more insular and make the problem worse,” Rivera told the Los Angeles Times.

Nothing strikes panic in some people more than their beloved college team losing. What will the CA University System teams do if they can’t play in those “backward places”?

UCLA’s football team is scheduled to play Memphis in September and Cal State Long Beach baseball will play North Carolina in March. After these visits, the universities will no longer be able to play games in these states.

Oh dear, that’s going to hurt this Fall. Will other states ban CA teams from playing in their states as fair turnabout? Ban the banners? This could start an all out boycott war in college football! Well probably not this year but next year is a totally different game.

There are exceptions to the law however, which allow travel to these states if it was contracted before Jan. 1.

None of this comes as a surprise since Janet Napolitano is the president of the University of CA:

Janet Napolitano was named the 20th president of the University of California on July 18, 2013, and took office on Sept. 30, 2013. She leads a university system with 10 campuses, five medical centers, three affiliated national laboratories, and a statewide agriculture and natural resources program. The UC system has more than 234,000 students, about 208,000 faculty and staff, more than 1.6 million living alumni and an annual operating budget of more than $24 billion.

Who can forget that the DACA program was initiated by a policy memo from the former DHS Janet Napolitano on June 15, 2012, to the heads of CBP, USCIS, and ICE, ordering them to practice “prosecutorial discretion” towards some individuals who were brought to this country as children. A pen and phone action by Obama and Nappy Head that Trump hasn’t undone although he promised to do so during his campaign.

CA is in essence creating no-go zones. Will the madness of communist CA ever end?

Go ahead, make my day. Secede!

*I’m actually against a big beautiful wall on our Southern border since most of the land is private property, unless the owners agree to a settlement that suits them, not the government. I prefer Rick Perry’s proposal which is an all of the above solution and doesn’t include CBP babysitting or stationing themselves 50+ miles from the actual border.