(Part 2) Dueling Smoke Signals from McConnell vs. Warren with a Puff of Smoke about Hillary.

The stage is set for an epic battle between Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Make no mistake, McConnell plays a long game and is sly as a fox. Many of us don’t usually believe that, this writer included most of the time, but I’m starting to see his tactics in a new light.

Right now, the Supreme Court would be stacked 5-4 against conservatism, or at least some reasonable semblance of it, had it not been for MM’s steadfast refusal to allow so much as a committee hearing on Merrick Garland.

He gambled, took a lot of heat from both sides of the aisle and played the long odds against a Clinton win that was all but in the bag, just in case a Republican was elected president, probably thinking it was anyone but Trump out of the remarkable field of candidates.

Yet here we are and Trump or any Republican elected would be stifled for years had he let Garland’s nomination go forward. Brilliant move on MM’s part. Thank you for holding steadfast knowing what was at stake.

There is no doubt in my mind that EW (Elizabeth Warren) wanted to be  silenced with Rule 19 in order to rile up her base and increase her pre-order book sales as I wrote about here. Masterpiece Theater at it’s finest.

The question is, did MM do her a favor by silencing her and making her a martyr for her alt-Left cause or did he have something else in mind? No one really knows for sure how this will play out in the long run, but that doesn’t stop the press from thinking out loud and hypothesizing.

The list is long of all the writers and pundits who think that she outsmarted that wily old fox, with her hashtags trending and outrage abounding on all the talk shows the next day. She had her moment in the sun and she’ll have many more. She can’t contain her faux outrage.

But a few writers view the situation differently as I do. Perhaps MM is playing the long game again. For instance, using Rule 19 as a prelude to the tactics laid out by Sean Davis at The Federalist and written about here at RedState on how to get Gorsuch confirmed without going nuclear using the two-speech rule option. Sure, one rule is no more speech and the other is a two-speech limit, but both are arcane Senate rules that are rarely invoked but particularly handy if played wisely and judiciously.

The contrary position is that MM is intentionally trying to raise the stature of EW. She is the woman’s face of the Bernie revolution that failed miserably, with a lot of help from the DNC of course. Who better to run against Trump in 2020 than a far-leftist from the elite coast who thinks she’s in touch with average Americans from fly-over country than EW? This from a fun article from RollCall.com:

Conventional wisdom is the Kentucky Republican bungled things really badly this week, delivering an enormous public relations gift to the Democratic Party and one of its most prominent voices by having the Senate kick Elizabeth Warren out of the debate on confirming Jeff Sessions as attorney general.

This view was buttressed by McConnell’s mansplaining tone —“She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted” —that spawned a thousand T-shirts and threatens to magnify a gender gap rooted in the view of GOP leaders as inherently sexist and out of touch with women voters.

But spontaneous fits of thin-skinned pique are not McConnell hallmarks. Instead, those include deliberation, dogged self-discipline, an unblinking eye on his objective and an overt imperviousness to wounding criticism —all traits helping to make The Turtle his enduring nickname.

So when he decided to silence Warren with the Senate’s rarely and inconsistently invoked Rule 19, which essentially boils down to “Thou shall not speak too ill of another senator,” the rebuttable presumption should be that he knew what he was doing.

Perhaps he aimed to elevate her to be the next presumptive and  inevitable 2020 Democrat nominee. We’ve seen this movie before and it doesn’t end well for those who believed it was their turn or should win just because I’m a woman. But what man in their Party will elbow yet another woman aside if she decides to run? Will it matter if the next DNC chair is a man or a woman? Will they rig the system for her?

And then there’s this from the WashingtonTimes.com titled, “Please, Elizabeth Warren, Keep Talking”.

Keep talking, Ms. Warren — bully those Democrats into becoming more progressive. [snip]

In fact, five Democratic senators are up for re-election in traditionally red states in 2018: Ms. Heitkamp, Montana’s Jon Tester, Missouri’s Claire McCaskill, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and Indiana’s Joe Donnelly.

Democrats are going to have to decide whether they want to defend those seats, or sacrifice them in the name of the resistance, which Ms. Warren clearly thinks she’s heading.

For many in Middle America, Ms. Warren’s politics are unpalatable. They see the rioters at UC Berkeley trying to shut down free speech, the women dressed as uteruses at the Women’s March on Washington, the limos that were set on fire in the streets during Mr. Trump’s inauguration, and some in Hollywood such as Sarah Silverman calling for a military coup, and they see the left doubling down on crazy.

I don’t like writing about what will or won’t happen in 2020 and I promise not to make a habit of it until after the 2018 elections when we’ll know much more about the political landscape and pulse of America.

Yet this early showdown between MM and EW could signal something much bigger than many realize and I find it fascinating if indeed, MM is showing his cards on how Republicans can retain their trifecta power. Maybe it’s a reach on my part.

What is a reach is this smoke signal from Politico…talk about making bizarre predictions! Oh yes, Matt Latimer, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, is positive that Hillary will rise again to make another run again in 2020!

He even tells us the tell-tale signs and offers her some advice which is pretty much stay under the radar and only run when they come begging. Do not seem inevitable. The comments section is the best indication that people are #NotReadyforHillaryAgainEver.

Just maybe MM is hoping that the far Leftists will demand and beg for EW to be the next Democrat nominee and will accept no other. That may be the genius side of MM that people just don’t see as he keeps his head tucked way down. The slow and steady turtle beat the hare. Just saying.