(Part 1) Warren Fished for Rule 19 to Send Smoke Signals for Book Sales

Liarwatha Warren was not fighting for justice for all in her speech to impugn Sessions for AG on the Senate floor. She wasn’t taking some moral stand against him or else she would have used her own words instead of quoting from deceased people. She was desperately seeking a Rule 19 to enrich herself.

What better way to gin up the outrage from her supporters then get kicked off the Senate floor for bad behavior after being warned to stop? They celebrate and encourage bad behavior and love that she’s a rebel and fights back.

And that’s exactly what she signaled she will do Tuesday night and against president Trump for the next four years in her new book titled, THIS FIGHT IS OUR FIGHT.

Oh yes, she’s a sly one for her tactics. She’s a master at deception and choreographed the whole show with a little help from her publicist, FaceBook and CNN. The FreeBeacon has the timing:

At 3:09, publisher Henry Holt announced that her book will be coming out on April 18.

About 90 minutes later, Warren shared the link to pre-order her book on Facebook, the Daily Caller News Foundation noted.

Three hours later, Warren was ordered to stand down on the Senate floor because she impugned Sessions’ character in violation of Senate Rule 19…

Around 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday, hours after the incident on the Senate floor, Warren sent an email to supporters soliciting donations, the Daily Caller News Foundationreported Wednesday evening. The email explained what happened that night and included a donation button.

Minutes after sending her email to supporters, Warren called CNN’s Don Lemon to discuss the incident on television.

Circumstantial evidence? Maybe but definitely not out of the question that her faux outrage over Sessions was nothing more than a fundraising and book-selling publicity stunt that her supporters bought hook, line and sinker. I’d bet the whole teepee on it.

She apparently raised over $250K on MoveOn.org and her book jumped to #1 on Amazon that night. That’s a pretty good haul for less than a one hour Senate speech!

Hopefully the people in MA will teach her the same lesson that Jeb! and Hillary learned the hard way; money can’t buy love or votes. I’m skeptical that her supporters can read the tinged smoke signals and figure out that she bashes the rich and powerful in order to enrich herself. Hey, who am I to stop them from wasting their money?

One piece of advice to the presiding Senate president and ML McConnell:

Please invoke Rule 19 more often but check a Senators FaceBook page and Tweets before doing so whenever possible. There’s no sense in feeding the animals or allowing them to profit off of their vitriol on the Senate floor.