Don't Feed the Animal, as in the Big, BAD, Russian Bear.

What’s the best way to reproduce behavior, whether it’s good or bad? Reward it. Pavlov proved that conclusively. It’s also the reason why humans shouldn’t feed wild animals since they will return for another meal and become unafraid of humans. It’s a dangerous situation.

That’s how I feel about the Obama’s overly loud protest of the Russians successfully changing the outcome of our election. He’s dangerously feeding the Bear.

The latest unclassified intel report stated:

Immediately after the Nov. 8 election, Russia began a “spear-phishing” campaign to try to trick people into revealing their email passwords, targeting U.S. government employees and think tanks that specialize in national security, defense and foreign policy, the report said.

Of course they did. They got away with a lot of cyber attacks and stole a lot of info that others were glad to publish. What was their reward punishment? Obama looked at Putin in September with his steely eyes and said cut it out (or else nothing). 7888119252_93be89ee58

It’s astonishing that the FBI informed the DNC way back in September 2015 and the low level employee dismissed the FBI agent’s calls, thinking he might be an imposter. The irony, right? Yet the agent never showed up in person to impress upon the DNC that the hacks were real, by some Russians labeled as “the Dukes”. From a surprisingly good NYT’s piece, that I recommend reading:

“The F.B.I. thinks the D.N.C. has at least one compromised computer on its network and the F.B.I. wanted to know if the D.N.C. is aware, and if so, what the D.N.C. is doing about it,” Mr. Tamene wrote in an internal memo about his contacts with the F.B.I. He added that “the Special Agent told me to look for a specific type of malware dubbed ‘Dukes’ by the U.S. intelligence community and in cybersecurity circles.”

Part of the problem was that Special Agent Hawkins did not show up in person at the D.N.C. Nor could he email anyone there, as that risked alerting the hackers that the F.B.I. knew they were in the system.

On a side note, wouldn’t the FBI had to have been hacking monitoring the DNC in order to know that they were being hacked? Because this was before the DNC hired CrowdStrike Services in April 2016 and then asked the  FBI for help, yet didn’t turn over their server.

And even the NYT’s admits that the Obama admin did too little, too late (my emphasis):

An examination by The Times of the Russian operation — based on interviews with dozens of players targeted in the attack, intelligence officials who investigated it and Obama administration officials who deliberated over the best responsereveals a series of missed signals, slow responses and a continuing underestimation of the seriousness of the cyberattack. (writer’s not: Ya don’t say. I’ve seen this pattern before)

The D.N.C.’s fumbling encounter with the F.B.I. meant the best chance to halt the Russian intrusion was lost. The failure to grasp the scope of the attacks undercut efforts to minimize their impact. And the White House’s reluctance to respond forcefully meant the Russians have not paid a heavy price for their actions, a decision that could prove critical in deterring future cyberattacks.

The low-key approach of the F.B.I. meant that Russian hackers could roam freely through the committee’s network for nearly seven months before top D.N.C. officials were alerted to the attack and hired cyber experts to protect their systems. In the meantime, the hackers moved on to targets outside the D.N.C., including Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, John D. Podesta, whose private email account was hacked months later.

In other words, the recent sanctions from Obama are just chest beating and but a mere flesh wound. He could’ve, would’ve taken the latest measures a year ago but chose not to since he was sure his mini-me would be his successor. Instead, he let the wild bear eat at the picnic with all the fixin’s. Trust me, this bear has no intention of hibernating. The humans are feeding it full-time so there is no need to hide.

Now I know some are troubled with Trump’s coziness with the Bear. I am too. But I also think he’s correct in that open communications with the Russians are better than the cold shoulder. I’m not worried that the Russians will go rogue and nuke a few countries (unlike Iran and N. Korea). Keep your enemies close is good policy as long as they know who’s boss (unlike Iran with Obama and Kerry).

The only reason the bear has become immune to human intervention is because it’s been rewarded. No one has stopped them with any effort since Reagan, Thatcher and the Pope. It wanders freely and eats whatever and whoever it wants.

Obama and his feckless minions have treated Russia with kid gloves for the most part, starting with the famous failed RESET button and being “more flexible”. Most of our allies, including Israel, have met with Russia knowing that they can’t depend on the U.S. under Obama. I hope that changes and soon.

Russia is a bully. Bullies bully because they can unless someone stands up to them. I hope Trump will be that person and if we somehow come to some terms with Russia, I’m ok with that as long as we keep our guard up knowing they can’t be trusted. Trust but verify.

Changing the Bear’s behavior will be difficult now. Obama and the MSM (as well as a few R’s like McCain and Graham with D Cardin) have emboldened them. They have declared, without a doubt, that Russia was able to change the outcome of our elections! Russia has been awarded a huge feather in their cap and that will only encourage them to replicate their efforts in the future. Way to go, handing out Bear treats for repeat behavior!!!

The better strategy (if one wasn’t trying to make excuses for HRC’s loss) would be to ridicule them and hack them back where it counts. And unleash our massive energy reserves. Sorry, I guess the ’80’s want their policies back on that one!

Don’t give them knowledge that they have such profound power over our elections. We look weak and pitiful by admitting they have so much sway in our country. What will they try next after receiving their misplaced kudos?

Stupid humans. Yogi would be proud.