Will a Republican Ever Occupy the White House Again?

Will a Republican Ever Occupy the White House Again?

Ever is a long time so maybe that’s stretching it a bit much. But it is a legitimate question after everything we’ve learned throughout this cycle and frankly the last 20 years. It’s a sobering thought but one that should be pondered by Conservatives, moderate Republicans which now include many disaffected Democrats but especially by our country at large. It’s that prospect that has me most worried if Clinton wins this year.

A look back at recent history tells us that it’s rare for an incumbent party to win after a two-term sitting president:

Since 1950, there have been seven opportunities for a party to hold the presidency for more than two terms: 1952 (D), 1960 (R), 1968 (D), 1976 (R), 1988 (R), 2000 (D) and 2008 (R). As noted, it was solely in 1988 that the incumbent party emerged victorious. But only in two of these seven elections — 1952 and 2008, when Harry Truman and George W. Bush were toxically unpopular incumbents — did the party in power lose by more than 2 percentage points.

I actually do feel sorry for GHWB for losing his re-election for breaking his one campaign promise of no new taxes. The punishment was harsh given the lies we’ve heard from too many lately, not to mention he was trying to compromise and govern as the Left clamors for whenever Republicans stop their agenda. Quite the contrast when along came Obama and he promised to raise taxes! My how times have changed.

Speaking of Obama, it was crystal clear he would win in 2008 no matter whom our nominee was, even if Reagan was reincarnated. Bush fatigue had set in, not to mention Americans being war weary and Obama promised hope and change as elusive as a promise it was and turned out to be. Sadly, putting up a war hero against a peacenik was a losing proposition. It was a Democrats turn.

Romney, a truly honorable man, was so close to winning in 2012. But did he lose fairly? I say not given the heavy hand of HHS in delaying O’care mandates, the IRS in suppressing TEA Party and the like 501c applications. Who can forget the Benghazi coverup and pretending that ISIS was a JV team, just to name a few injustices perpetuated by the heavy hand of Obama’s feds to tip the scale in his favor. Not to mention the unfair treatment of the debate mods and the wholesale eviscerating of all Republicans after some sixteen or so “debates”. We were smeared and mocked and perhaps rightly so for putting up with the bs from the MSM and Romney didn’t fight back hard enough. 2012 was an easy win but the heavy hand of the Obama’s feds and his and HRC’s lies made sure that he would be re-elected.

Four more years pass under anemic economic “recovery”; the perpetual endless summer of recovery according to Biden. The Federal Reserve has burned through more money than they gave Iran, just to prop up a house of cards economy. Enter naïve Bernie. He had no idea that he was a pawn and a dupe and had absolutely zero chance of winning against the Clinton machine even if his last name was Kennedy instead of Sanders.

He was correct when he said the DNC tipped the scales. Remember the coin toss in Iowa and other places? And of course that was just the tip of the iceberg as we now know. He constantly railed against her Wall Street speeches, her sizeable payments and her two-faced lies. If the Left knew what they know now, does anyone doubt that Sanders would be the nominee? Podesta knew the truth and duplicated it:

Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta received intelligence that President Barack Obama was the beneficiary of voter fraud in his primary run against Clinton, according to Wikileaks’ dump of Podesta’s emails.

Podesta warned Clinton campaign officials in a May 2015 email that the “Obama forces” likely committed voter fraud. Those same “Obama forces,” of course, are now in Clinton’s camp, with Obama endorsing Clinton in the 2016 race.

This year feels differently and it should. We have two toxic candidates that somehow the electorate chose as their nominees. But winning the electoral college has been a heavy lift for Republicans for eons. Since 1992, Dems start with a daunting 242 ECV’s. They barely have to lift a finger to win the presidency.

I’m well aware that Trump is not a Republican and hasn’t been for most of his life. But he won the primaries fair and square and just might have expanded the map for real Republicans in the future if they play their cards right.

I firmly believe that no matter which of our greatest candidates won the primary, things wouldn’t be much different. I was firmly in the Cruz camp and while he was the most intelligent of them all, he is loathed by his own Party and D’s of course.  The Left would smear and denigrate each and every one of them just as they’ve done to Trump, maybe to Cruz even more as he’s a real threat to their progressive agenda moreso than Trump or say a Kasich.

The biggest threat to a Republican winning in the future is that the Dems have the national media, all the social media giants Google, Facebook and Twitter, the federal union workers, Hollywood and the federal bureaucracy covering up the truth of scandals; the weight of all of the above is just too much for an R to overcome in order to win the presidency.

Hillary can’t/couldn’t possibly win on her own. She has not only depended on all of the above, but has relied on the current president, vice president, First Lady, her former president husband, DOJ, FBI, State Dept, ACLU and so many others to carry her back to victory. What candidate has ever had that much support to tip the scales?

I know it’s extremely unpopular around here, but the biggest reason I want Trump to win tonight is to literally drain the swamp. The bureaucracy runs on auto-pilot and unless it’s stopped, Congress is impotent to help Americans. They can pass bills that might get signed, but the real black hole is all the decisions and regulations made by unelected bureaucrats that really run and ruin this country.

Trump is a blip in time compared to 16 years of Obama and Clinton. And if you don’t think she’ll win re-election, think again. She will do exactly like Obama and use the full force of the federal government to ensure she stays in office. If the country can survive after 8 years of Obama, the Republican party can survive 4 years of Trump.

God Bless America and may we please get a Republican in office, even if it’s in name only.