Watercooler 6/14 Open Thread: Closed Thread Until Further Notice...

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Subtitle: Subtitles Don’t Work Anymore Either

Website Log:

Day 7 since the 21st century upgrade was announced in grandiose fashion from the RedState editor and still can’t comment. Zero updates from the site owners on when readers will be able to comment. Have been expecting a front page diary from the editor to communicate directly with his readership.

Website Log Correction:

In case some missed it, the last known Editor’s comments were inserted into this diary dated 6/10/16:

Editor’s Note:  Seriously?  “Drive people away”?  Do you know how this site makes money?  It’s by web site hits.  That’s why we continue to have comments.  That’s why we continue to allow user-generated content.  The more hits, the better.  Do you understand how IT consulting works?*  Consultants frequently don’t work for the client they’re doing the work for, and hey, sometimes requirements get dropped. It happens.  Again, there is no grand conspiracy to drive away commenters or diarists.**  As I told Leon, every IT implementation I’ve ever been involved with, for > 30 years, has had bugs. And this one is no different.  So, go have a drink of your choice, enjoy the spring weather, and chill out.  No one is trying to abuse you or get rid of you.***  That would be cutting our own throat. Comments will return and we will figure out the best way to handle the user diaries.****  But just calm down and be patient.

Why Post a Diary?

As I stated in my diary from 6/12, I wasn’t planning on writing a Watercooler today. There’s no point in writing a diary that’s sole purpose is to provide an Open Thread forum for the RedState community. And, I’m wondering why the Watercoolers haven’t been moved to the front page since the upgrade. But alas, I decided to write in hopes that we’ll get an update from the site owners. Hope springs eternal.

Limerick Time

I guess I’m feeling creative since we can’t comment so decided to write a couple of limericks. I only wish that others could add theirs in the comment section as I’m sure it would be entertaining. Note to Editor and FPW’s: This is in jest and fun so please don’t take it seriously.

There once was a website called RedState,
Where commenters provided a lively debate,
Another upgrade was installed,
The commenters were unenthralled,
And now the site has lost its best trait.

There once was a website called RedState,
Where diarists were encouraged to create,
When comments were turned off,
The diarists scoffed,
Since their voices were silenced with the last update.