Thank Goodness RedState is Just A Website...and Has Nothing to Do with National Security or Public Safety.

6/12/16- Edit to add that if Diarists will have their own special tab that will be great as we were told (let’s say yuge), then at least after I finish reading one I should be able to immediately read another one. But nooooo, the only quick click options are to read FPW diaries; no other individual diaries are there to click upon to read.

So in essence, we may have our own tab, but we don’t have our own site area that is exclusive to diarists. Very disappointing, maybe moreso than the lack of any status updates after nearly 6 days. If this is the final product, just please tell us so we can go smell the roses for good, as I opined below.

Original Diary from 6/12 at 1:00am-ish:

Life goes on and the people are rejoicing in going outdoors and stopping to smell the roses while enjoying the Spring time in God’s splendor. Maybe some people are having withdrawals like a cigarette smoker craves nicotine. Some say the best way to quit is cold turkey. As a smoker, I know how hard it is to quit a habit. RedState is a habit for many including myself but I’m learning how to overcome my habit.

We’re now entering Day Five of RedState joining the 21st Century. Seems the leap towards the future is limited to those that can actually implement their vision beyond wishful thinking. Blindly leaping there without a clear vision (see Editor’s note here) of requirements or else hiring inept IT people to realize the RS dream has put our habit on hold and back to the 20th century.

C’est la vie. It’s not uncommon when something isn’t mission critical. Like some other diarists with IT experience have noted, this is a complete upgrade debacle and I’m thankful that it’s just a website and has nothing to do with the safety of people’s lives or national security, both of which I have experience with first hand (if you’ve flown in an airplane, my job was to keep you safe). Redundancy was the key to keeping the flying public safe, just in case a circuit failed. If we did a network-wide upgrade, we did it in the wee hours of the night and if it wasn’t flawless, we had a plan to return to the previous ready state.

I joined RedState in 2012 and recall that just as I was getting the hang of it, (i.e. writing comments and diaries while taking incoming as a newby to the club) they changed the format to Disqus and all hell broke loose amongst the diarists and readers. It took a few days for people to be able to comment at all and the “upgrade” was just days before the election; the timing could not have been worse. We lost a lot of old timers and they never returned.

I could be wrong but it seems there was another upgrade that went awry just before the before the election in 2014. I don’t recall which one, but during one of those “upgrades” the diaries were segregated and sold as a feature, just like this one and we lost our “recco” button. Seems the IT personnel didn’t know how RS worked and it took days for those features to return….not unlike today.

The point is, this is the third “upgrade” that I’m aware of and not one has gone smoothly. And they never do. But the lessons should have been learned by now:

  • Don’t do the upgrade on a weekday.
  • Do the upgrade late on Friday and over the weekend when news is old.
  • Have the ability to back out and return to the previous version if it fails.
  • And most importantly, keep your customers appraised of the status if there is a failure.

Other than a few Editor’s notes (which have been pretty snarky) to frustrated diarists and readers, there has been no new information as to the status of when comments will return just that they will since the new and improved site was announced last Tuesday.

I get it that the wonderful FPW’s are here voluntarily and I pray that they aren’t the people in charge of the upgrade as they shouldn’t be since it’s not their day job. They shouldn’t have to take the heat or take offense when some diarist complains over the complete meltdown of the site that so many are addicted to and rely upon for their daily fix. But it’s somebody’s job and they failed!

Please, someone, just give us an update. Is that too much to ask? And lastly, segregating diarists to their own tab is an awful idea and that lesson should have been learned. But hey, I’m just a visitor to your private site, so my voice is worthless. Please carry on and never mind us that are going through withdrawals and hoping the fix is in before the habit of commenters and diarists is broken.


P.S. The subtitle doesn’t work. My title didn’t include my subtitle of, “And Has Nothing to Do with National Security or Public Safety.”

P.S.S. It seems to me that until the comments feature is restored, there is no reason to publish the Watercooler. An open thread without comments is a closed thread.

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