Breaking: Team Rubio All But Admits No Path to Victory and Awaits a Brokered Convention.

CNN broke the news about an hour ago that Rubio’s campaign manager told his top donors in a closed door meeting that he is preparing for a brokered convention.

Telegraphing that your candidate has no chance to bank enough delegates between now and the last contest on June 14th to win the nomination is mind boggling.

Rubio hasn’t won a single primary to date and with every loss, not only does he look more desperate, but then his campaign comes up with another losing strategy. First it was NV was his firewall, then it was 3-2-1 which Rubio himself denied, then it was don’t worry about winning a state we’ll just collect delegates, then it was his first win would be in FL. Now it’s, we not going to win anywhere but we’ll magically have enough delegates to force a brokered convention.

Is anyone buying this pixie dust strategy? Anyone? Bueller?

It’s almost like he’s throwing in the towel before the game is over. And conveying this new strategy before tonight’s crucial debate is political malfeasance.

If he can’t project confidence to win the nomination, I have no idea how he can project confidence as our Commander in Chief. Whatever people think of Trump, he can’t be labeled a quitter. He’s a fighter and will fight ugly to win, but fight he will to the very end.

I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise since his entire campaign strategy (if he has one) has been to wait until others drop out so he can go head to head with Trump. Rather than take an aggressive posture to win, he’s taken a passive sit-back-and-wait for others to do his dirty work.

There is no way in my mind that Rubio can beat Trump in a one-on-one match regardless of what the polls say. Trump will chew him up in a New York minute. But beyond that, Rubio is clearly seen as the mainstream candidate and in this season of outsiders, that will seal the deal for Trump.

Of course a brokered convention will be moot point if Rubio can’t stop Trump from getting to 1,236 before the convention. He who wins the most delegates wins and right now, Trump has 5x’s the number of delegates Rubio has to date. Hoping things will change is not a strategy.