In Response to, "Prove Rubio Doesn't Regret Sponsoring and Selling The Gang of 8 Bill."

Preface: In another diary posted a few days ago, that wasn’t about immigration policy at all, a couple of us commenters alluded to the fact that Rubio doesn’t regret his involvement with the Gang of 8 Bill. A moderator said prove it. I’m respectfully responding here to the moderator and to that diarist so as not to threadjack further in that diary.

But first, a story about secret sausage making in D.C. that may be unknown to many and a little history on how close the immigration reform bill was to passing in the House… with a familiar twist. Shocking hint: Not everyone in the House Freedom Caucus is conservative and at least a couple are sheep in wolf’s clothing!

Days after the Senate bill passed on June 27, 2013 Boehner said he would not take up the “flawed Senate bill”, that the House would continue to work on their own bill using a step-by-step approach since they didn’t “trust a Democratic-controlled Washington“.

For over a year after its passage, pressure mounted for the House to take a vote on it, yet Boehner continuously promised that the House wouldn’t vote on it. I naively assumed it was because the GOP base rose up and soundly rejected the Senate bill after they found out what was in it and for once our Reps. listened to their constituents. It seemed final that the House would not vote on any immigration bills while Obama was still in office.

But little did some know, in 2014, he tasked Paul Ryan with crafting a bill that mirrored the Gang of 8 bill and he secretly worked with the biggest open border Democrat, Luis Gutierrez, in what would be dubbed the Ryan-Rubio bill.

Much of Ryan’s effort had been conducted in secret with Luis Gutierrez. As Gutierrez told the filmmakers wryly, “Paul Ryan and I talk.”

“What we do with Ryan,” Gutierrez explained, “is he puts together a bunch of bills, one of which is legalization, and that’s the one we join him on. The legalization is good enough that I can go and say we need to get in bed.”

While Ryan was “getting in bed” with Gutierrez to push amnesty, the whole affair had to be conducted in secret so as not to tip off Republican voters to their plan.

By June 2014, the GOP Leaders were confident they had the votes to pass their secret bill and just had one last decision to make. They met over drinks on June 10th to decide whether to bring the bill to the floor for a vote on Thursday the 12th or Friday the 13th. Thursday to celebrate or Friday to give them an escape plan to get out of town with as few arrows in their backs as possible.

But then a political earthquake happened when news broke that Dave Brat, who had criticized Cantor for supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants, beat Cantor in the primary. It shook the entire country, but especially the D.C. establishment class that were about to unleash amnesty and foreign worker expansion against the will of the majority of people.

As the news of Cantor being fired by the voters reverberated, the whipped votes began to drop like flies. There would be no vote.

According to this documentary, PBS Frontline: Immigration Battle, the narrator said, “Only a couple of dozen people knew how close it had come.” and per the recap of the documentary:

“had it not been for Brat’s election, the Ryan-Rubio amnesty plan would have passed–permanently altering the balance of political power in the country away from GOP voters and towards immigrant voters.”

So what’s the twist. Just like the Gang of 8 bill needed a “credible” salesman (Marco Rubio) to convince the conservative wing of Congress and GOP voters it was a good bill, Boehner and Paul Ryan needed a similar pointman to do their bidding. Again from the Breitbart recap:

The documentary explains that Gutierrez and Ryan’s stealth amnesty operation hinged upon the secret support of House Freedom Caucus’ founding member, Mick Mulvaney.

“Here’s the surprise,” the narrator says. “The strategy is to target the hardcore Tea Party conservatives like Mick Mulvaney, guys who’ve even voted against Boehner in the speakership elections,” a narrator explained. “If Tea Party stars support their bill, the more cautious Republicans will follow.”

Two attempts at comprehensive immigration reform (code for amnesty and a massive expansion of migrant labor) using the same strategy: Enlist someone that was elected as a member of the TEA Party as the lead salesman to do the bidding of Big Donors and Big Business.

And don’t forget it was the Freedom Caucus who said they would support Paul Ryan if he ran for Speaker and who carried him over the threshold. That includes Mulvaney and Raul Labrador, who was an original Gang of 8 member before he dropped out due to the backlash.

Which brings me back full circle to the question: Does Marco Rubio regret his participation in the Gang of 8 Bill and is there proof? I’ll let him answer for himself where the words “no” nor “regret” are used in either clip.

Here’s a video from Aug 17, 2015 when Beck at The Blaze interviewed Rubio and asked him point blank if he regreted his participation (see transcript here).



Here’s one with Chuck Todd on MTP on Jan 31, 2016, where he asked Rubio  why he won’t repudiate the Gang of Eight starting at the 2:15 mark. (see transcript here).


He’s shifted his positions so many times on the issue as outlined here by National Review, that I honestly don’t know what he would do about immigration if he were elected. That’s not bashing; it’s just the truth. Of course for those that favor a Gang of 8 style bill none of this probably matters to them. But as I said here, it should if you value honesty, integrity and truthfulness in a president and who will put Americans first in this country.

Like Obamacare, both the Senate and House bills were crafted by and with Big Interest groups such as Zuckerberg’s FWD.com, La Raza, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Microsoft, and Big Donors like Paul Singer and Oracle’s Larry Ellison who both back Rubio’s presidential bid as well as several other people in Congress. To be clear, Rubio isn’t the only candidate with Big Donors that favor a surge in low-wage migrant labor but Rubio’s list is very, very long.

These bills aren’t passed for Main Street Americans. Why do we want 33M new people in 10 years to compete with for jobs and school space and other services our tax dollars pay for both locally and federally? No, the beneficiaries of these comprehensive immigration bills are Big Business and it’s donor class that contribute to our Congressmen who in return curry favor for them by passing bills like these. It’s a vicious circle and most Americans aren’t in that elite closed circle.

Marco Rubio won’t admit he regrets his involvement with the bill and only backed away after it passed when it became so unpopular. How many times did he say that if it didn’t meet certain criteria, he would walk away before it passed? He knew what was in the bill and as the top salesman, he advertised a different product. It’s deceitful just like Mick Mulvaney, elected as a TEA Party candidate, and Paul Ryan making secret deals with the White House and Democrats.

Given everything we know now and to those who say none of this matters and just move along, I ask you these questions:

Had the Gang of 8 Bill or the Secret House bill been signed into law, would Rubio have run for president, let alone be a top contender?

Would Paul Ryan have been elected House Speaker?

Will Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-NC) get re-elected this year if his constituents knew about his involvement with the Secret House bill?

All hypotheticals, but after Cantor lost his re-election to an outsider that ran against amnesty, all indications point to no. And that’s why regret matters.