I Counted to 100 and I'm Still Mad as a Wet Hen over the NR Article.


“When angry count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred.” Thomas Jefferson

I saw a preview of the National Review (NR) article on Megyn Kelly’s show last night and thought this is great news. Conservative voices standing up against Trump and exposing his previously held liberal views. Excellent!

As I’ve pondered it today, I’m actually mad as heck. Where were these people a few months ago when the Trump summer fling lasted until now, into the cold of winter? Trump’s momentum has been building for months and where were the voices of Conservatism the last few months or even two weeks ago as the evidence mounted that Cruz’s numbers were slipping in Iowa?

Of all the NR writers, only one that I know of has campaigned for Cruz; Glenn Beck, this week, but it may be too little too late. If they felt so strongly, they could have formed a National Review Crew bus tour to back up Cruz in the early states and beyond. And now they want to preach to the voters how stupid they are for supporting Trump?

While I agree with about 90% of what was written by the consortium of writers that I normally respect, I was astounded that they’d rather chew off their right arm than pull the lever for Trump over Clinton or Sanders, or just stay home in protest.

Here’s one of my favorites to prove the point of the idiocy (my emphasis):

(R. R. RENO) Trump has always been Trump. His public pronouncements over the last few decades give no evidence of consistent or coherent political views. By comparison, Hillary Clinton is a principled public figure.

So Hillary is now more principled than Trump? Really? She has flip-flopped more than Trump and was actually in a position to effect our national security and its policy unlike a private business man and she was an utter failure to say the least.

The odd thing is, this NR article will probably do more to help Trump than hurt him at this point! How do they think his supporters that build things will feel when the people that are paid to write stories tell them that they’re two bricks shy of a full load?

We’re 10 days before the first votes are cast when they’re telling the millions of his supporters that they can’t think for themselves and should reject their first choice candidate. Sounds pretty elitist to me, much like the Establishment (Big-E) is that we all rail against. But the lines of who is the Big-E is getting blurry, especially when they hate both Trump and Cruz.

Tonight on Kelly’s show, Rich Lowery, editor of the NR, said something like this (not verbatim):

Trump now says he’s willing to get along and the Big-E is warming up to him whereas they were fighting against him for months. Now the Big-E is surrendering without a shot being fired.

And therein lies the problem that helped create Trump! And he doesn’t even see it in front of his own two eyes! The Republican elite have been surrendering to Obama ever since we sent them to fight for us and against the fundamental transformation of our country in two landslide elections! Republicans have enabled the transformation.

So here comes Trump, saying our politicians are stupid and make stupid deals and he’ll make America great again. Sure it’s shallow, not as much as Hope and Change, since making deals is what the man has done all his life and now a few conservatives want to stop the Trump train? They needed to board that train, commandeer it and derail it months ago.

If I knew that the Trump train couldn’t be stopped months ago, as a mere observer that doesn’t get paid the big bucks as a professional writer or commentator, how come they didn’t? Here’s what I saw coming:

Can Anyone Stop the Momentum of Trump-motion and Bern-Motion in Their Tracks?

Only a Superhero Can Stop a Moving Locomotive.

I hope many that missed it the first time will go read the whole diary. Not because I forecasted exactly what’s happening in the race, but to understand why it’s happening and why it will take a near miracle for my preferred candidate Cruz to win. He needs a boost and the NR crew should have been there for him before now but it’s not too late. They can and should start a bus tour rally for Cruz now.

We are a compassionate country filled with very good people that love their country and for that which it stands; a shining city on the hill and a beacon of liberty and freedom. So while this election is pivotal in my eyes to retain that light, it will probably be no different than many others in the past. It will be won by the candidate who can win over the hearts and minds of the voters.