I'm Outraged Over the Faux Outrage from Those Living in Glass Houses.


It doesn’t matter if one supports Trump or despises him to recognize that the media and candidates from both Parties are gleefully using a nutcase from his townhall last night to paint Trump as the crazy one in the crowd. This is ludicrous on so many levels.

Did you notice Trump’s first reaction to the guy? He thought the nut’s setup sentences were less than serious when Trump said, “We need this question? This is the first question…” as if he knew the guy was nuts and then laughed heartily. The crowd laughed then too. It seemed Trump thought this guy was a nutcase from the start, and waved him off by saying we’re looking into all kinds of things rather than give credibility to the guy by engaging him in such foolishness. I thought it was smart on his part. Getting into a back and forth on Obama’s birth place or someone’s religion isn’t wise no matter what; it’s a losing proposition. Someone will find fault in a word or two.

Trump could have said to the guy you’re wrong about him being not an American since I’m the one who forced him to provide his long form birth certificate that proves he was born in Hawaii. Guess what, then the media will jump on that and continue to stoke the fire on that subject… again.

Here’s my advice to Trump on what to say if he gets the Obama’s religion question again:

“I’m going to  take the advice of Ben Carson who apologized to me when he questioned my faith and do the same thing. I will not question anyone’s faith. Period. Next question.”

So now the faux fury is on for Trump not correcting the nutcase, as if it were his job. HRC Tweeted:

Donald Trump not  denouncing false statements about POTUS and   hateful rhetoric about Muslims is disturbing , and just plaing wrong. Cut it out. -H

Josh Earnest, the WH spokeman, found time to weigh in on the matter:

Is anyone really surprised that this happened at a Trump rally…the people that hold this offensive view are part of Trump’s base.

[mc_name name=’Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’G000359′ ], who said in 2011 that he was now satisfied that Obama was a citizen after seeing the birth certificate, is also piling on that Trump should have been more McCain like in his response.

Let’s be real. Hillary started the whole birther movement when she sensed her campaign was going down the toilet in the Spring of 2008, not unlike today. Cruz reminded Katie Couric of that and her body language was, well what one would expect when a Left’s head explodes: a truly priceless moment worth re-living over and over again.

Obama equates Republicans that oppose his Iran debacle to terrorists. Clinton calls Republicans that oppose picking through fetus parts for sale extremists. Earnest refuses to comment on Kate Steinle’s death by a multiple offender, illegal immigrant but Obama invites so-called dreamers to the WH and won’t uphold our immigration laws. Both Obama and HRC consider bible-loving people extreme while promoting the values of Islam as a religion of peace as ISIS pillars and plunders Christians.

Trump is right that Obama is engaging a war on Christians and we all know that to be true. Sure he sent a few helicopters to save some Yazidis cornered on top of a mountain but only after extreme pressure from some in Congress and after nearly, 4,000 were killed . Now Obama wants to increase the number of refugees from Syria. This admin can’t get 9  fighters trained  at a cost of 54M, but we’re to trust them to increase the number of refugees on our soil that aren’t terrorists? Meanwhile, those Christian and Yazidis have been denied refugee status from Obama:

Despite the ongoing threat of execution in Iraq, nearly all Yazidis, a Kurdish-Christian community that lives throughout Iraq, Syria, Turkey and even Armenia and Georgia, who have applied for asylum in the U.S. have been rejected, FoxNews.com has learned. The reason why is not clear, but advocates say Washington is turning a blind eye on the situation.

That’s an extreme outrage. I could go on and on. Frankly I’m mad as hell at the people who want to denigrate Trump over some idiot at his townhall for not toting their perceived response.

The media never vetted Obama and Congress gave a glowing nomination approval for Hillary as SoS. Big mistake, just like Kerry. Note to Congress: don’t nominate your fellow peer for SoS.

One of Trump’s draws by the public is his openness, brash as it is, and he gladly welcomes thousands into his events, which can spell trouble makers but he’s willing to risk that chance. Meanwhile, HRC is getting 350 or so per event, which her team probably asks for an id and their affiliation. She went so far as to ask her audience to pledge their support for her prior to entry. It’s no wonder Trump gets a frickin’ moron at his event while everyone is sleeping at her events.

Trashing Trump for no foreign policy or building a big beautiful fence is fair game. Making him own a nutcase’s words is not.

People throwing rocks in a glass house should realize they haven’t done their due diligence on Obama or HRC or any other candidate for office, unless it’s a Republican running for office. But they won’t as they’re too self-righteous to realize that they aided and abetted the liar in chief in the WH and will most likely support another abject liar if HRC becomes the Democrat nominee.

I can only hope that their rocks ricochet for trashing Trump on something someone else said, and not him.

P.S. I see you hypocrites in your houses made of see-thru glass. Even Homer Simpson knows when someone is being stupid- Doh!

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