Can Anyone Stop the Momentum of Trump-motion and Bern-Motion in Their Tracks?


I am not a witch Trumpette. I am a political junkie and enjoy sharing my observations with fellow full-time followers and expect disagreements amongst the dedicated. That being said, let the cow flinging begin because I’m nearly certain that Trump will be the Republican nominee. Why? Because it’s hard to stop a fast-moving train that’s gone off the rails of political correctness like we’ve never seen before in our modern history of political campaigns.

Yes, the election is a long way off and anything can happen but what we’re seeing in the polls so far is a lot less volatile than the stock market of late. Most everyone expected that the Trump phenomenon would have already peaked and dropped by now, as if it was just a summer novelty. Yet the trends are clear as we enter autumn: Trump’s been rising for the last two months ever since he got in the race and all the other seasoned politicians have been falling in the polls after getting a nice bump after their initial announcements. He’s bucked the trend.

Think of Newton’s First Law of Motion,  sometimes called the Law of Inertia.   Essentially, it makes the following two points:

•An object that is not moving will not move until a force acts upon it.
•An object that is in motion will not change velocity (including stopping) until a force acts upon it.

I can’t help but think of Jeb! and so many others on the first point, as if they’re running in place and can’t get any traction. On point two, there is no force that is stopping Trump to any measurable degree right now. It will take a lot of opposite force and friction to stop the momentum of Trump and Sanders.

It’s no surprise that the same is happening on the Democrat side. Sanders is rising as Clinton is falling. I’m not sure if one can make a simile that Trump is to Bush as Sanders is to Clinton but it seems so. It could also be as simple as the majority of voters don’t want another Bush or Clinton. Perhaps people sense that both have an air about them that says, “I am the inevitable candidate so let’s just get the coronation over with now”.

People know that instinctively with Clinton since she was gypped out of “her turn” in 2008. Jeb announced he’d have so much money by raising over $100M in his first 3 months that he tried to scare others from entering the field. Neither tactic worked as they found out they can’t buy likeability with a gazillion dollars.

So what explains the rise of Trump and Sanders? Well ABP (Anybody But a Politician) for Trump. Sanders doesn’t fit the ABP narrative so he must be the ABC (Anybody but Clinton) protest vote. But there’s clearly more to it than that as we’ve watched his crowds swell. O’Malley could fit that bill but has gotten zero traction. That’s the scary part to me. Sander’s supporters are mostly young people which tells me the last 8 years have been such a disaster for 20-30 year olds, that they’re willing to give Socialism a chance. They want government to share the wealth since they haven’t been able to create their own. I just pray someone in our Party debunks the myth of share and share alike before it’s too late. I’m definitely more puzzled about Sander’s rise in the polls than Trump’s. Both rail against the Establishment (Big-E) but Bernie is the Big-E! I guess since he’s anti Wall Street and anti rich people they like him.

Trump is no different in that he is willing to shake up the status quo and most people like that. People are sick and tired of the D.C. class that gets what they want while ignoring the will of the people.  Michael Needam, CEO of Heritage Action for America, phrased it perfectly on FoxNews Sunday yesterday:

One of the greatest myths is that Washington, D.C is broken; it’s not. It’s a fine tuned machine that works well for incumbent politicians and their consultants and K Street lobbyists that get rich off the game.  (It may not be exact but close enough.)

Say it again- D.C. is not broken! Cruz has been saying that for months calling it the Washington Cartel and I’m so glad to see his numbers rising finally. Most voters, especially Primary voters, know the game is rigged and that’s what is driving Trump’s numbers and the other outsiders. Trump, Carson and Fiorina have 56% of the Republican vote right now!

It doesn’t matter if Trump was a Democrat or that he’s flip-flopped on nearly every issue. It doesn’t matter what he says offends some because more people are happy to hear someone talk like a regular person and not like a professional politician with some poll tested slogan. You see, it’s not what he says, it how he says it. He is fearless and won’t take crap from anyone. He’s a proven leader in his endeavors and people on both sides of the aisle yearn for a leader.

I see all the consternation from so many here that he’s not the real deal. But that’s not selling with the masses. He’s cutting across all swaths of the electorate, including Black and Hispanic voters. If you don’t believe me, read Peggy Noonan’s WSJ piece, which I could only read a paragraph on Mediate where she is shocked that her Latin friend and his friends in Los Angeles support Trump.

As to the black vote, well it may not be a huge swell yet but I expect it to rise. All you have to do is listen to Washington Journal on C-Span. One Democrat lady said she was black and backed Trump, that she should be a Republican! She’s one of many that likes what Trump has to say. Then there is Channel Temple, the brave black woman who railed against the Huntington Beach, CA city council for putting illegals on the council as advisors. It was an epic speech. Charles Payne interviewed her on Cavuto last week and she said, “Thank God for Trump” for speaking out against the illegal immigration problems in this country. The same hour, Jonathan Gentry, a black minister from W. Los Angeles, said only Trump could take on the lies of the Black Lives Matter crowd.

The Big-E on both sides of the aisle will do everything in their power to stop the rise of Trump and Sanders since it will upend their cushy lives as they know it. Americans are fed up and thus are flocking to candidates that will buck the system and will overturn the apple cart full of D.C. politicians that think their words and inaction will pacify voters. Those days are over.

There may be a day of reckoning for many that despise Trump when they’ll have to make a choice between staying home or voting for him if he gets the nomination. Hello Sanders if that’s the case. I am not a Trumpette. But I’m not a purist that would sit home if he’s our nominee and let a Socialist or a crook get elected.

Frankly, we might just have to thank Trump and Sanders for keeping another Bush or Clinton out of the White House. Anything can happen, but it’s hard to stop a train barreling down the tracks using algae from the D.C. swamp as its alternative fuel.

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