Blame the Press for The Trump Show Mess Success

Don't Feed the Animal

Preface: This diary is not about the RS Gathering decision or supporting Trump; it’s about the Trump phenomenon and his rise in the polls. Full disclosure, I started writing this on July 30, before the debates, after seeing all the diaries written about the rise of Trump being attributed the GOP leaders, McConnell and Boehner.

Shock and awe! The media still can’t believe Trump is ahead of the GOP pack in national polls, even after what most call were unforced errors on his part about McCain, immigrants, etc. “It won’t last” say all the D.C. men and women smartest-in-the-room, paid-for political consultants and experts while their collective heads explode in disbelief. Maybe it won’t last but only time will tell.

But why are they surprised? They helped build another Trump empire, this one being the GOP front-runner. The press, Left and Right outlets and all the talking heads they hire, cover him non-stop. Every Sunday show, every nightly broadcast and every cable channel for the past month, has either started their show about him or has had a lengthy segment about him. It’s hard to believe he just formally announced his bid for the White House on June 16th, less than two months ago! 

Today was no different with him appearing on 4 out of 5 of the top Sunday shows as listed here. As a side note, at least Trump was brave enough to go on today’s shows and defend himself after getting eviscerated ever since the debate. Jeb! didn’t appear on any of them to defend his debate performance that many described as lackluster and one said it looked like he was bored and waiting for his dinner reservation!

And to add on, the press ask every other candidate what they think of Trump’s latest comment, as if they must answer to The Trump. Some have taken the poison bait, while smarter candidates steer clear. Clearly this is the method the left wing media (and sometimes the GOP-E) uses to portray all Republicans as clowns and get other candidates to snitch on their own, thus creating a circular firing squad within our Party. Of course they rarely ask Democrats to comment on their competition, and if they do, say like Sanders, he smartly declines to answer. We could learn from that to maintain our Party unity.

The point is, Trump built his brand way before his candidacy but the press is aiding and abetting him, even when they try to drag him down. Contrast that to Clinton who is getting virtually no press coverage, including all of her mounting scandals and that’s after her tactic of roping off the press, literally.

Obviously the press isn’t covering Trump non-stop because they like him; they don’t. They want to make him the issue while providing cover for HRC and since Trump is more than happy to feed them, he takes the bait to keep himself front and center (all publicity is good publicity) and thus it ups his poll numbers.

They say a day can be a year in politics and yesterday proved that to be true. Imagine my shock when I woke up at 7 a.m., channel surfed and saw MSNBC announce Trump was uninvited to The Gathering. Clicked to CNN, same headline story. FoxNews, not a word about it until a quick blurb at the top of the 1 p.m. EDT broadcast. I had turned in Friday night before seeing EE’s diary on the topic so didn’t know the firestorm that was coming.

All day Saturday, CNN and MSNBC headlined the beginning of every hour of the RS Gathering news and held lengthy panel discussion segments with their top “experts”, most who said Trump was cooked. Who got the most press time this weekend? The Donald of course.

I have to say that the coverage of the RS Gathering in the LWM (Left Wing Media) has been fantastic and don’t ever remember seeing them cover it in past years. So kudos to RS for getting so much coverage of their event, even though Trump was the reason for their coverage. To be fair, FoxNews also covered it a lot yesterday yet every time their reporting also mentioned Trump’s name.

Yes we all know the press is biased so until someone else makes news, they’ll keep propping up Trump and he’ll keep making blunt statements that make others gasp. It’s a love / hate relationship that is working out for Trump and the press to drive their ratings and they know it’s way more exciting than to report on their love / love relationship with HRC.

Speaking of ratings. Does anyone not think that Trump was the reason that 24 million viewers watched the FoxNews debate? The last FoxNews debate in 2012 garnered 7.6 million viewers. It’s undeniable that he was the magnet. The day after the debate, I was astonished to hear so many Democrat commenters on C-Span say they would vote for Trump. I find that C-Span’s Washington Journal is useful to take the pulse of America given their format of inviting all three major party affiliates.

So while I agree that many voters have been drawn to Trump because of the feckless leadership of McConnell and Boehner, I think it goes much deeper. It’s the lack of any leadership in the GOP, combined with voters feeling helpless regardless of trying to be heard, be it at townhalls, phone calls and the ballot box. Bloomberg did a focus group in NH to find out what attracted them to someone like Trump, and as one person put it:

“Donald Trump is strong,” Nick, a home inspector, said. “He carries a sentiment and frustrations that I think a lot of Americans are going through and feeling right now. He’s the one that’s able to articulate that, and bring those frustrations to light. I believe him when he talks.”

Another ended with concerns, that may have just come true:

“I think potentially, he could cross over with some inappropriate comments,” said Andy, adding, “And it would very much concern me if he was the nominee.”

There is no doubt Trump has tapped into the anger of the silent majority or as the Free Beacon termed in a piece titled, “Revenge of the Radical Middle”.  Will it last after the first debate and his comments thereafter? No one knows yet.

GOP Car WreckYet those who want to silence him are actually doing him a favor. It’s just like when someone says, “Don’t Look!” and the first reaction is to look. It’s human nature to rubberneck to see a crash. Trump is no different. People want to look.

TrumpWhat I do know is that if any other candidate got the amount of coverage as Trump, which was documented as 10 times all other candidates combined before the debate, they would be ahead in the polls too. Sadly, that isn’t the case. He is, if nothing else, a master at driving ratings. Yes, the press built this Trump mess and while they try to take him down with negative coverage, they have taken his bait once again and may be feeding his poll numbers instead.

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