The Hypocrisy of the Left's Premise that "It Takes a Village" to Raise a Child


Baltimore is just the latest example of failed liberal policies on display that led to the expected outcome of civil unrest. Sadly a young man died and it finally served as the straw that broke the camel’s back. Make no mistake, the discontent amongst its citizenry was already nearing the boiling point.

Some of the stats from WSJ paint a clear picture of a non-functioning large city for too many of the people:

4X Higher Violent Crime Rate than National Average

21% Unemployment in Freddie Gray’s Neighborhood

72% of 8th Graders Score Below Math Proficiency

These numbers are probably similar in other inner cities with year’s of failed Democratic leadership such as Detroit. After watching all the pundits on TV, the Baltimore officials and hearing from the protesters that wanted to be heard, it’s evident that most refuse to see the cause and effect of their actions.

Until the politicians in these cities admit they have to change their policies, unfortunately nothing will change. The Leftist pundits, like Obama, blame the Republicans for not spending more money on infrastructure, education and social programs. Of course if money fixed the problems, all would be solved since over a billion has been spent on Baltimore in the last decade or so. Not to mention they spend about $16K per child for education which is 4th in the nation. Spending money is not the problem.

The Baltimore leadership echo those sentiments and add that the police brutality must stop. Yet they are the same people that make the laws and oversee their operations that the police simply enforce. This is akin to blaming the chickens for allowing the fox to watch over the hen house. The city could easily work with the state government to change the laws for a misdemeanor so people aren’t harassed for petty crimes. But they haven’t changed the very laws that they now consider unfair that the police have to enforce, by law.

And finally, the protesters just want to be heard and since they couldn’t get their politicians to listen to them, the same Democratic politicians they voted into office, they decided to burn down their own sources of goods and jobs.

It’s like everyone is to blame and yet no one is to blame for the conditions that the citizens find themselves in, not to mention the politicians that allowed this to simmer for so many years and suddenly woke up to a riot.

In essence, what I’ve been hearing from all the talking heads is this is not a Baltimore problem. It’s not a black problem. It’s everyone’s problem. That it takes a village to raise a child. Which is ironic in that most of the anger across America has been directed at majority white police departments and so-called white privilege that discriminate against blacks. Of course those grievances don’t hold water in Baltimore nor in other Democrat run cities like Chicago or Detroit where corruption has run wild for decades.

But more to the point, as Democrats call for the village to help, they reject help from Republicans and many times white people. Take Detroit as an example. Shortly before the Republican governor declared Detroit bankrupt, he appointed a specialist, a black man, to work with the city to determine if bankruptcy could be prevented. The outrage and uproar from the Detroit leaders could be heard all the way to the white governor’s office miles away in Lansing saying that the white folk just wanted to take over the city and toss out the black leadership. Yes, the same leaders that ran the city into darkness….literally.

Look, I don’t deny that there are real problems with unemployment, youth crime, gangs and long-term incarceration for non-violent crimes and even some police brutality. These problems are not unique to just big cities.

In small towns across America, the town squares are virtually barren of businesses and people, except for city hall, and yet we don’t see riots in these small towns with little or no opportunities for the youth. And believe me, the cops there are bored and will chase a rabbit for entertainment (i.e. stopping someone without just cause). Trust me, the good ole boy’s club is alive and well in Small Town USA.

Maybe it does take a village to raise a child since 62% of black youth in America live in single-parent households. That’s about double since the 1960’s when LBJ initiated all his compassionate welfare policies that have decimated the traditional family and perhaps more importantly, fed a man for a day instead of teaching him how to fish. His Great Society policies have failed the most vulnerable and instead have produced a Wasted Society.


Unless the Democrats are willing to listen to the all of the villagers, not just their village idiot  liberal friends, nothing will change. Until the people realize that voting the same way produces the same failed results, nothing will change. To quote one of the president’s favorite phrases, whether it’s on economic or foreign policies:

I do not believe we can keep doing the same thing for over five decades and expect a different result.

I actually agree with him in the case of failed liberally run cities and states. That hope and change, well, it really was just an empty campaign slogan, and there will continue to be no hope for so many at risk of actually losing their village until they change their ways.

Photos courtesy of morgueFile.