Open Thread- Wake Up and Smell the Café Hispanics and OTMs! You're Being Punked. I Offer Up a Republican Solution.

Why is Obama making his imperial edict today? Well it’s Mexican Revolution Day of course. Which is apropos since that was the day, November 20, 1910, that Mexican peasants and laborers rose up to over throw their dictator. Does he even see the irony?

On this date, in the year 1910 the revolutionary war to overthrow the dictator Porfirio Díaz, began. Don Porfirio, as he was called, had been in power for more than 30 years (1876-1911). Under his rule, Mexico had political stability and grew in many areas, creating new industries, railroads, kilometers of railroad tracks as well as the increase of foreign capital. Non-the less, this progress was not translated into the peoples’ well being. (emphasis mine). Soon there was political unrest.  The unhappiest sectors of the Mexican society were the peasants and labor workers.

And like any good dictator on the brink of losing his throne, he said this, which is the mantra of Obama:

“I have waited patiently for the day to come when the citizens of the Mexican Republic will be prepared to elect and decide their Government at every election without the danger of armed revolutions and without injury to the national credit or interference with national progress.

I believe that day has come. …

“I welcome an opposition party in the Mexican Republic,” he said. “If it becomes a reality, I will regard it as a blessing, not as an evil.”

So apparently, a dictator must act, even when the electorate and Congress tells him otherwise. Ah, the day in the life of a king. Which is exactly why illegals hoping for an emperor to save them should beware of false promises, especially from a known liar. Their elation will be fleeting to be sure. Nothing he said tonight will give them permanent status. On the contrary, he is just using illegals here as pawns to punk them and the newly elected Republican Congress.

The truth is Obama doesn’t want immigration reform. He never has. Sure he talks a good game but the sole purpose is to make the Republicans look bad and keep it as a campaign issue. He doesn’t give a hoot about Hispanics except to create a new plantation for the Democrat Party.

When George W. Bush tried to enact immigration reform, it was Senator Obama that inserted a poison pill to prevent it from passing. He then had super majorities his first two years in office as president and could have passed a dream of an immigration bill but didn’t even attempt it after making it a 2008 campaign promise. And just as the House Gang of Eight was making progress on their bi-partisan bill, his Whitehouse Chief of Staff told Democrats to nix their efforts.

And finally, don’t forget that just as the Senate Gang of Eight Bill started gaining momentum, which Rubio was a key player and also a 2012 contender, Obama pre-empted him by announcing his DACA EO, which put the kibash on the whole bi-partisan deal.

Obama definitely doesn’t want immigration reform. He knows his actions tonight will put an end to any chance Republicans will pass changes to our existing laws. And if they did, he would veto any bill so he can keep it as a campaign issue. That’s the way he works. He cares nothing about the plight of illegals, let alone the well-being of Americans. We are all pawns in his political game.

What should Republicans do in response? Treat him like the two year old throwing a tantrum that he is; put him in time out. Don’t rant and rave. Simply pass a CR until the new Congress is sworn in and then pass bill after bill to deflect his pen actions. Basically ignore him just like all the networks did tonight and don’t give him fodder to stoke his pen and fire.

Start with getting the CBO to score the cost of his actions and subtract that amount from the Executive Branch. Likewise, total the cost to the states and reduce the amount from the Executive Branch. If Obama wants this so badly, let him pay for it out of his branch’s pocket. If he vetoes that, slice 25% off the top of all appropriations bills, minus the military, across the board. He will succumb eventually. Republicans need to play tough with a dictator-wanna-be and exert their Constitutional power. The Courts will not do their bidding.

The most important thing the Republicans can do right now is not to fall into The Tantrum’s trap. He isn’t following the existing laws which they haven’t boasted about until tonight so stay cool and pass laws. That’s the way to take down this emperor with no clothes and a man without a scepter or throne.

Make him the Party of no and corner the next Democrat contender on his illegal actions. Do they support such wide-sweeping executive actions? Americans won’t soon forget this action by a president that defied their 2014 votes to stop this tyrant.

Republicans should go about their agenda, make him inconsequential (which is why he comes out swinging and missing) and thwart his actions with legislation. That’s the way to de-throne a wanna-be king.

P.S. I was wrong on my prediction days ago that he wouldn’t take action. I admit it.