It's Official. Obama Will Continue to Disenfranchise the Voters with his Executive Orders.


Republicans won the election with resounding numbers and in places no one thought was even possible. What a great night it was for America to return sanity to our government. The voters spoke loudly and clearly: Mr. President, stop with your lawless acts, start leading, change course and follow the Constitution!

We enjoyed the win for less than 24 hours before the president spoke and acted deaf and defiant, just like he has for the last six years. If you heard his presser today, you would think that a wave election never happened last night.

It was full of lies from his very first sentence besides hello everyone. He said he talked to McConnell last night and we know he didn’t until today. That point is irrelevant but he continued to lie and never took any responsibility for the landslide against him and his Party. But more importantly, he has no intention of changing his ways.

Oh contraire. He plans on doubling down on his Executive Orders in order to “do what’s best for the country”, including one for amnesty before the year ends. And this after McConnell said it would be a very bad way to start a new way forward with compromise from both Parties.

Sure he sounded congenial and tried to act light-hearted in the face of a huge defeat that makes him the lamest sitting duck for two more years. But make no mistake, he intended to deflate the Republican’s spirit ASAP after our victory. He’s a very defiant and vindictive person so don’t fall for his smile and laugh as he is stabbing us in the back.

He said he heard the voters and the two-thirds of people that didn’t vote in this election (a not so subtle dig at his base) and will listen to what Boehner and McConnell have in mind for their agenda and welcomes any ideas that help ordinary Americans. I can’t count the number of times we’ve heard that line and lie from him. He could have told Reid to allow a vote on the some 300+ bills the House sent over to help workers but he never did. He won’t budge an inch and is in fact, incapable of changing courses because he’s a pivot bigot.

Democrats and Liberals of all strips accuse Republicans of disenfranchising minority voters with voter id laws, fewer voting days, etc. Personally I’d be insulted if I was a minority and the Democrat Party assumed I was too stupid to register and vote. Now they can’t even eat fried chicken as a one-time gift from the First Lady since they didn’t vote in big numbers! Talk about a racist insult!

The real disenfranchisement happens when the president uses his pen and phone to by pass Congress. He claims he must act if Congress won’t act (to his liking). We elected our representatives and if we melt the phones to say don’t support amnesty or any other bill, Obama is unilaterally taking away our voices with his EO’s.

Just over half of the country voted for him twice. But Republicans have a voice too in our system of Representative system of government until Reid and Obama destroyed our voices. To me it’s more than purely acting unconstitutionally; he’s silencing the minority and that’s us.

And after today’s presser, he has no intention of listening to the voters and won’t recognize the message he was sent by all three parties. Let’s face it, the Independents and Democrats in the blue states had to vote for a Republican governor and some either stayed home or actually voted for a Republican Senator. The win margin of the numbers don’t lie when it comes to very blue states.

Obama has a lot of ink left in his pen and minutes on his phone. The Republicans won with a mandate to stop this imperial president. While I understand the need to look like they can govern, their main mission is to stop him from using EO’s to fundamentally transform America.

I hope our leaders are ready to rumble and buckle up because the next two years will be and need to be, a very bumpy ride. No more Mr. Nice Guy. They must play their best chess game to win back America. They must wage a political war on the one person that is truly disenfranchising the voters of America.