Open Thread- DHS Should be Too Busy to Go on a Panty Raid. But They're Not.

royals-panties_s877x1313It’s Friday and after a long week of troubling news around the world and in our own backyard, perhaps a dose of comedy is in order. Well it would be comical if the DHS wasn’t involved since I’m pretty sure they have bigger fish to fry like say, homeland security. We’re told Ebola is a national security threat, as well as ax wielding lone wolves, ISIS and of course the greatest one of all, global warming.

Luckily we have America’s favorite pastime to take our mind off of the deluge of bad news and this year the Kansas City Royals are finally in the World Series. Personally I hope they win since the last time they made it to the big game was 1985. Obviously the folks in Kansas City are elated and it’s easy to understand why some would want to capitalize on their team’s success.

Enter shop owner Ms. Honig, who designed some boyshorts in honor of the Royals. Well because the K and the C were too close together, two DHS agents raided her store Monday morning and confiscated the panties.

From the Washington Times (image from same source):

They came in and there were two guys” Ms. Honig told the Kansas City Star. “I asked one of them what size he needed and he showed me a badge and took me outside. They told me they were from Homeland Security and we were violating copyright laws.”

The panties, printed in Kansas City by Lindquist Press, read, “Take the Crown,” with “KC” across the bottom, the newspaper reported.

Officers reportedly explained that by connecting the “K” and the “C,” she infringed on major league baseball copyright. The panties were confiscated and Ms. Honig said she signed a statement saying she wouldn’t use the logo, the Star reported.

We’ve watched the CDC bungle every press conference and protocol they said would keep us safe from Ebola. The Secret Service can’t defend the White House. CBP agents wants to keep the border secure but can’t due to their superiors in D.C. The IRS just got away with silencing citizens without even getting a mere slap on the hand. And the president used Executive Privilege to protect pillow talk from AG Holder and his wife.

And now DHS, who I wasn’t aware was in the copyright business, is raiding lingerie shops. Yes it’s a novel concept for any agency in this government to stick to their core function. Seems they all do more mission creep than mission these days. Most would agree they are acting awfully creepy these days.

Go ahead, have a great weekend, opine on the Open Thread, and know that your government is looking out for you!


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