Sen. Ted Cruz Warns House of Senate Trojan Horse on Immigration

file9961348651640Yesterday, in a meeting with 20 House conservatives that make up the Conservative Opportunity Society, Sen. Cruz warned the House not to pass any immigration bill to fix the crisis at the border. He advised that the Senate would gut any House bill on fixing immigration and insert parts of S. 744, the loathed bipartisan Gang of Eight Immigration Bill from 2013.

And here I thought I was the only one being paranoid about it when I said this a week ago:

checkmate2012 • 6 days ago
Am I the only worried that no matter what the House sends over, Reid will attach S. 744? I like their proposal and would prefer it outlaw DACA, but am really glad to see it includes CBP on federal lands….that’s a must. I think the House should wait for the Senate to send over their plan first though.

And this:

checkmate2012 streiff  • 6 days ago Are you worried that the Senate will attach S. 744 if the House sends them a bill? Or am I just paranoid after how we got O’care?

From TheHill.com:

In a Wednesday morning meeting, Cruz told a group of more than 20 House conservatives that they would regret passing legislation addressing the Texas border crisis because Senate Democrats were likely to gut it and use it as a vehicle to pass other immigration legislation.

Republicans who huddled with Cruz agree with him.

“He can’t see any way we can initiate legislation in the House that won’t come back to bite us, that will actually end up with worse results,” said Rep. John Fleming (R-La.).

“He basically said he couldn’t see how us passing something is going to do anything but create a Trojan horse,” said Fleming. “He doesn’t trust [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid [D-Nev.].”

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa),  an strong opponent of the Gang of Eight bill, agreed with Cruz:

“Among border-security Senate Republicans, they’re very well aware of what happens if you send something over to the Senate and Gang of Eight language gets attached to it,” he said. “Anything good we might send is either going to get Gang of Eight language or it’s simply not going to come up.

Sen. Cruz understands how underhanded Sen. Reid is when it comes to blocking any Republican amendments or just simply tossing a bill in his fireplace. Except when it suits his purposes, which is how we got Obamacare in the first place. It originated with a nebulous bill in the House, then Reid and the Senate gutted the original House bill and inserted the Obamacare verbiage. Reid and his magic wand tricked the House.

Mr. Speaker, please listen to Sen. Cruz and do not originate a bill in the House. Let the Senate act first. And face it, if they don’t change the 2008 law to include OTMs, then nothing will stop the influx of illegal immigration. As of now, it’s not in the proposed Senate legislation. So why bother with taking a chance on a Trojan horse named Harry Reid?

P.S. Mr. Speaker, it’s past time for you to speak up and tell Americans that the House  can’t pass S. 744 since the Senate has never sent it to the House; they know it would be blue slipped! Shout it loud and proud every time a Democrat or the president says we wouldn’t have this issue at the border if the House had just passed S. 744. Please, set the record straight for those that don’t know the truth…yes, sometimes the truth hurts.

All thoughts are welcome, even if they don’t pertain, because thinking is always a relished commodity in a free society even if some don’t comprehend the First Amendment but are allowed to speak their mind. Yet freedom isn’t free.

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