The Out of Body President Hovers While Americans Are Murdered

Have we ever seen a president of the great United States of America more detached from reality as the one in office now? Why is that? How can he be so cold and callous to preface a speech on infrastructure and continue on like nothing in the world has happened, including the blatant murder of maybe 23 Americans and while our best friend in the Middle East is under siege? Who does that?

The man has no soul. I’m convinced. He’s a heartless sob. No drama Obama is a complete failure on the domestic and international stage and whatever message he’s trying to send by being coy is lost in translation…hopefully to millions of his previous supporters.

Yes, this is a pattern of his to keep up his fundraising schedule regardless if the world is on fire or when acts of war are committed against our country, let alone domestic scandals. Benghazi comes to mind, as an act of war, yet he still flew to Las Vegas to fundraise as if four Americans were never killed.

Most likely, Russian supported terrorists shot down a civilian plane with Americans on board. It’s not a terrible tragedy! It’s an act of terrorism!

Never fear, the president spoke to Putin today about the sanctions and we’re told, about the airplane crash. What did they talk about?

The only thing we know is this president is detached from reality and the average American. I ask, why does he hate us so much when he’s been given so much?

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