$3.7 Billion For What? No Immigration Plan, No Border Enforcement, No Money. Period.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom WhiteHouse.gov, the White House just released its wish list for your tax dollars to support the illegal immigrants flooding our border. Price Tag: $3.8 Billion in Emergency Funding (no budget offsets required).

Just the opening sentences of the press release tell you all you need to know (my commentary in parenthesis):

While overall rates of apprehensions across our Southwest border remain at near historic lows, apprehensions and processing of children and individuals from Central America crossing the border in the Rio Grande Valley have continued at high rates.  (Yes, they turned a blind eye so apprehension rates were low, and increased when the “apprehended” those that said please take me!)

The Administration continues to address this urgent humanitarian situation with a whole-of government response which includes efforts by the Departments of Homeland Security (DHS) and Justice (DOJ) to deploy additional enforcement resources — including immigration judges, Immigration and Customs Enforcement attorneys, and asylum officers — to focus on individuals and adults traveling with children from Central America and entering without authorization across the Southwest border. (So more judges and attorneys will stem the flow? Didn’t think so)

They want your money for these stated purposes:

While the Administration is working across all of these channels, we are eager to work with the Congress to ensure that sufficient resources and authorities exist to continue our efforts.  That is why today the President is requesting a $3.7 billion supplemental appropriation focused on:

  • Deterrence, including increased detainment and removal of adults with children and increased immigration court capacity to speed cases

  • Enforcement, including enhanced interdiction and prosecution of criminal networks, increased surveillance, and expanded collaborative law enforcement task force efforts

  • Foreign Cooperation, including improved repatriation and reintegration, stepped-up public information campaigns, and efforts to address the root causes of migration

  • Capacity, including increased detainment, care, and transportation of unaccompanied children

Will it increase border protection or just increase Americans seeing illegals dispersed throughout the country via planes and buses? More sightings of busloads I’m afraid. But it will give substantial resources for a few agencies to transport them to their desired location, housing, food and clothing, and lots of lawyers to determine if they qualify for asylum or refugee status. Notice that they only list deporting illegal parents with children, not the UACs.

Just a fraction of total money requested, $433 million will be actually used to increase border security.

Here’s the breakdown by department:

    • The Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement – $1.1 billion
    • The Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection – $433 million
    • The Department of Justice – $64 million
    • Department of State and Other International Programs – $300 million
    • The Department of Health and Human Services – $1.8 billion

Spokesman Josh Earnest in today’s White House Briefing said that they want the Sec. of DHS to have greater legal authority and more discretion to implement the “2008 law”, but only after the illegals get due process. He was asked if they are asking for Congress to change the law to allow them to immediately return a border crosser as they are allowed to do for Canadian or Mexican illegals and he said no. So what will change?

And since when does this president need legal authority to act on his own? He has a pen and a phone as he reminds us of obnoxiously and frequently. Answer: Only when he wants shared responsibility or blame, that’s when.

Congress should not give this administration a dime until it gets a specific plan for shutting off the flow of illegal crossers and deportation plans for the thousands that are already here illegally.

If they give them funding, it should be appropriated monthly or at least quarterly dependent upon meeting realistic goals and objectives with concrete monthly reporting on where the money is being spent with the actually results.

What I don’t see is any money being requested to help Americans pay for this tab, for something they don’t want, nor funds for the cities that are being overwhelmed with their new population explosion. Which tells you it isn’t about us, you know, the legal taxpayers that are paying for this devious plan.

There is one really cheap way to solve this mess: Don’t let them set foot on the USA side of the border. Period. No more funding for the least transparent administration ever until they agree to complete and open accountability!