Taunting is SO Unbecoming of the President of the United States

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The Taunter-In-Chief has spoken on immigration….again. He will act if Congress won’t with his infamous pen and phone. Speaker Boehner told him last week he won’t bring up Senate Bill S. 744. Period. And so he goes to his teleprompter to taunt the Republicans into acting on a flawed bill. If  I was a fly on the wall in that meeting, this is what I’d hear from the president:


This is what the most powerful man on the planet is reduced to: Shrink, shrank, shrunk.

Most of us don’t equate the French as being a powerhouse of strength on anything other than cheese and champagne and they do excel at those very important commodities. Just last week at his White House summit for working families, he extoled the French for their lavish employee benefits and flexible work schedules. Fine if we had the money of Dubai. It was just another jab at Republicans for not supporting a raise in the minimum wage.

I’m not here to put down the French as I like them very much and wish there were more of them in our country in addition to German, Irish, English and Scottish, and other European countries. Go ahead and call me a snob and a racist for loving my heritage. I guess I’m a GIFES-American. Can I get minority status? Does being a woman count too?

Back to immigration. It pained me to watch his speech yesterday as usual. I’m so sick of him being in our face daily but somehow I thought this time would be different given the crisis on the border. Stupid me. Once again, he said it’s the Republican’s fault, specifically the TEA Party’s fault that all these children came here because the House didn’t pass the dang Senate bill last year.

So if the House Republicans passed the Senate bill, none of the children would have traveled so far and said please CBP, take me into America for a better life? That’s what I heard from the Taunter’s mouth.

Logically speaking, in Leftist’s language of course, then no doubt the children are to blame if  S. 744 is passed by the House and they cease to cross our border illegally. What, they don’t speak English and didn’t read the bill? I’m shocked since every Congress man and woman read a bill before passing. How dare them blame the children!

I apologize for making light of a serious situation but we have reached the realms of insanity with this president. It’s astonishing that he would blame Republicans for his lack of border enforcement when he’s been sending out Democratic party invitations to DREAMers with his pen and phone. Come one and all and we’ll turn a blind eye to your illegalness. I guess he’s taunting DREAMers too for their votes.

After a 9-0 beat down from SCOTUS on his extra-constitutional activities, you’d think the man would learn that he stepped out of bounds. Seems the 13th smack down from SCOTUS isn’t enough to deter him. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Notice how he’s selective with his Pen and Phone? He only uses it when he wants credit for something that will help him politically. But when it’s a sticky situation, say bombing Syria, immigration reform, paying for contraceptives for for-profit firms the same way he carved out an exemption for non-profits, well then he wants shared blame or to place the blame. We all know nothing is his fault.

Yes I included immigration since he sent a letter to Congress yesterday asking for cooperation and money right after saying he’d act alone. From his letter (emphasis mine):

I am writing to update you on my Administration’s efforts to address the urgent humanitarian situation in the Río Grande Valley areas of our Nation’s Southwest border, and to request that the Congress support the new tools and resources we need to implement a unified, comprehensive Federal Government response.

While overall apprehensions across our entire border have only slightly increased during this time period and remain at near historic lows, we have seen a significant rise in apprehensions and processing of children and individuals from Central America who are crossing into the United States in the Río Grande Valley areas of the Southwest border.

[snip] While we are working across all of these channels, to execute a fully effective Government-wide strategy as the influx of migrants continues, we are eager to work with the Congress to ensure that we have the legal authorities to maximize the impact of our efforts. Initially, we believe this may include….

Note the wording here, ” While overall apprehensions across our entire border have only slightly increased during this time period and remain at near historic lows…”. So he admits that he’s barely doing anything about massive influx of illegals?
I guess he never learned that it’s easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar. Because taunting those he wants support from seems to be a strange way to get cooperation when he wants or needs it. Maybe that’s just me but I’m guessing Boehner et al feel the same way.

Viva La France and C’est La Vie! Get used to it. Whine anyone?