If Outsourcing is the WH's Foreign Policy, Then at Least SHUT THE DANG DOOR!


Remember how the Left ranted and raged over American companies outsourcing jobs to other countries? So much so that the Democratically controlled House and Senate introduced bills in 2010, H.R.5622 and S. 3816 that claimed to reduce outsourcing and bring jobs back to the United States. Thankfully they both failed.

So where is their outrage over the president outsourcing U.S. foreign policy to the likes of Russia and Iran? The sounds of silence are deafening. But we do have Sen. Lindsay Graham out front on Sunday encouraging the US to work with Iran to stop ISIS. It’s truly a shame the voters in SC didn’t primary this man.

Less than two months ago, Thomas Countryman, Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation at a press conference in New York said this:

Even now, when our relationship is going through the most difficult moment for the last 23 years, we intend to continue to work on issues related to international security, including the conditions of the Treaty on Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms, negotiations with Iran, the removal and destruction Syrian chemical weapons.

Russia is this president’s go-to country to outsource our national security interests abroad. He’ll sanction them with a slap on the hand for their border crossing adventures in Ukraine, but reward them with doing our negotiating with Iranian proxy countries like Syria and Iran and now Iraq. What could possibly go wrong? Without a doubt, Putin is a much better negotiator than Obama, so maybe he at least recognizes one fault in his otherwise narcissistic being.

Today, Sec. of State Kerry, took a few minutes out of his busy schedule during his launch of the State Dept.’s two day “Our Ocean” conference and told that the U.S. might be open to cooperating with Iran militarily in Iraq. But Jen Psaki, his own spokeswoman,  promptly swatted down Kerry with a tweet of course, that Kerry didn’t mean military, but political cooperation. Huh?

About that “Our Ocean” conference, it’d be great if they took the threat of terrorism as seriously as they do the ocean (to play a fun word game, substitute “U.S. security” for the word “ocean”):

The ocean is just too important to ignore.  Yet, the ocean is facing significant challenges, some stemming from a lack of awareness and some from a lack of will.

Apparantly I need to add “Outsource” to my last diary titled, “Obama’s Foreign Policy Doctrine: Watch, Monitor, Look, Wait, Whac-a-Mole and NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND”.

This president has a zero-sum view on our military capabilities: it’s either all out war with boots on the ground or it’s not our problem and he chooses to do nothing. Except maybe outsource his job as Commander in Chief to other countries that are clearly not our allies.

Of course that gives him more time to golf, which he’s doing a lot of this weekend while Iraq is under siege. He even asked the King of Jordan to travel to CA to meet instead of having their pre-planned meeting in D.C., and I don’t know if he’s even a golfer. No matter, as nothing will get in the way of his golf game, including an ally.

If that’s his national security policy, which is his purview as CinC, then Congress must demand he protect the borders and shut off the flow of illegal immigrants- all of them.  It’s RISK 101, protect your borders from other players that want to conquer the world.  In this case, the player(s) are fanatical Islamist terrorists that want a caliphate and will kill anyone that gets in their way, including the Great Satan as they call the USA.

Democrats think immigration is a zero-sum game: pass comprehensive immigration or else they won’t agree to any incremental changes they actually support. Last week Sen. Dick Durbin said the Republicans must have border security and the Democrats must have a path to citizenship for the millions for those already here. There is no compromising, yet we don’t know who those 11 million are and if they want to become citizens!

Congress must use any and all means possible to shut down the borders since the president is derelict in protecting Americans from threats abroad that will most likely spill onto our soil in the future. We have no idea who is crossing our borders. While the overwhelmed CBP is playing babysitter, the cartels are using other routes to smuggle drugs, people, gang members and who knows what else into our county.

We already know of one American suicide bomber in Syria and it’s well known that many jihadists fighting in Syria have western country passports. It’s not a stretch to think that after they live out their jihadi dream vacation, they’ll want to come home and try out their newfound skills.

We must demand that our government secure the border now in this tenuous and dangerous time, before we crumble from within from terrorists on the move. Now is not the time for amnesty of any kind. Did we not learn anything from 9/11? We must demand they shut the dang door!