The Very, Very, Drab, Gray World of Leftists


 Imagine our country where everyone acts alike, thinks alike, eats alike, lives alike, because of equality for all. Equal outcome for everyone regardless of intellect, accomplishments or drive to succeed. We are all equal in all manners and therefore all should get equal treatment.

That’s what the Left believes and it’s un-American at the core. They want a pre-destined outcome for every individual by silencing dissent. Either get on board with their way of thinking or you’re an outcast until succumbing to their way of thinking.

There is no in between; it’s their way or the highway. That would make it more black and white, but it’s not, since everyone must adhere to their worldview thus no one really gets a view. It’s all gray and dull.

It’s a world where men are no longer men and women are no longer women. We’re all the same after all and should celebrate when there is no difference even though DNA and plumbing tell us otherwise. But there’s an operation for that so all is well…see, no difference.

A world where those that lack discipline and initiative are victims and are made to be cared for by those that excel, because it’s only fair that they need help, even if they don’t help themselves. If they don’t  provide for themselves, well it’s through no fault of their own* and those that have succeeded are evil and must give it up so everyone is equal regardless of ambition.

They call themselves liberals, from liber meaning free, but that’s a farce. From the dictionary: not opposed to new ideas or ways of behaving that are not traditional or widely accepted.

This is why I refuse to call Leftists or most Democrats liberal: they are opposed to new ideas. They have become the new thought police and speech police. Cross them and they will make you pay with your job, your business and your home. They will invade until their way of justice is done; think and act like them or else you will be shut down.

If they have their way, all we’ll be left with is a very, very, boring world when there is simply no diversity; it’s not allowed. We must be the same because everyone deserves a fair shot and identical outcome.  Yet their plan hasn’t worked out so swimmingly. Ever since the president came on the national stage, he has lectured us on fair shots, for those that play by the rules, yada, yada, yada. And now after six long years, too many aren’t even taking home the same equal pay they did five years ago!

Conversely, Conservatives are open to free debate and free thinking and that means we don’t coalesce so easily as the Left does in lock step with one voice. Conservatives embrace diversity and enjoy the challenges and opportunities it provides for everyone. We don’t aim to silence anyone even if we disagree. We’d rather debate on points and convince on better ideas than try to brainwash people into believing that the First Amendment is only for those that agree with us.

My, what a boring world it would be if the Left succeeds in silencing those they oppose. And their tactics are getting scary. What would they say if the shoe were on the other foot? “You’re not playing fair!” or “You’re a racist!” Of course neither response is a hypothetical as we’ve seen with Reid’s Koch addiction and the president’s accusation of Republicans suppressing the vote, especially minority voters, by requiring an picture id. They simply can’t abide anyone legitimately trying to level the playing field that they have meticulously manicured to their advantage of the years.

Conservatives celebrate a colorful world in which each individual is endowed with freedoms from God, not the government or the collective herd mentality. And especially not from a temporarily elected official that aims to destroy our freedoms and liberty by supporting 51% of the population and ignoring the wills and wants of the other 49%.

In essence, we are the rainbow party. We welcome diversity in the Republican Party.

file0001471498059Those that want everyone to act and think alike, well, they are the very, very, drab, gray Democratic Party that is never alone with a clone.

* I really despise that mantra but it works here.