Cause and Effect: Ft. Hood Again (Open Thread)

Please let us pray for victims of yet another Ft. Hood shooting. I am shocked to learn of another soldier on soldier killing on Ft. Hood. This should not happen ever and again.

I heard the president speak and noticed how he said the word, “might” in reference to the shooting. Yes he gave his condolences but he left it open ended. This is like the last time when DOJ refused to call it a terrorist act which it clearly was and everyone knew it.

What will they do this time? The facts aren’t out yet so I won’t jump to any conclusions. I just have to wonder if the last time was categorized correctly, as an act of jihad, would someone be so bold to copy-cat it in the same place? We don’t know yet.

But I also thought I saw a small clip on FoxNews around 7pm with Shep, with SoDefense, Chuck Hagel, utter the words “United Nations or UN”. If anyone has the video, please post it. Invoking the UN is last thing I want to hear about as if we can’t take care of our own business.

I pray for all the families. As an American and Texan, I am truly shocked to hear this happened twice. God Bless All.