Our Country Deserves a President of the United States of America- Not a President of Divider-in-Chief

The current president has divided this nation like no other in its short history. It was his playbook for winning two elections and the repercussions spill over on every issue and every citizen. It makes me sick to see the divisiveness in our everyday life and in our politics, yet it’s omnipresent. I don’t see a way to step back from the ledge except to elect a great man or woman of principle over politics and that’s a tall order.

I write this after watching and reading the comments from Dan McLaughlin’s article titled, “The Democrats’ 2014 Whitewash”. I am ashamed, appalled and honestly scared at some of the comments. This is not the America I grew up in, where people are judged on their character and not their skin color. Too many people were offended for off-handed generalizations and disrespectful jabs because of race or ethnicity and if I’m hurt*, I can’t imagine how they feel. This is not the way to act for anyone that calls themselves a Conservative in my book.

Our country has become a segregated grievance industry of micro groups that think they deserve special treatment and yes I blame Obama. While I can’t stand his policies, I was hoping he could help heal some of the lingering discrimination in our country as he is uniquely qualified to do so as the first black president. Not only has he failed miserably to unite the people of this country, he’s made it demonstrably worse.

He is the President of Democratic Party. Plain and simple. He has never come off the campaign trial to lead this country in a unified direction. Every action and every decision is political to curry favor with women, Hispanics, the youth vote, Blacks, gays and most importantly his Party.

He has intentionally ignored the other half of the country that didn’t vote for him and refuses to even acknowledge that Republicans may have ideas that could help this country in dire times.  By doing so, he is disenfranchising nearly half of America and worse, pitting diverse groups against each other.

Politics is messy and a president does represent his Party, but it shouldn’t be at the cost and expense of the American people. Policies should promote the well-being of everyone but the AG has made sure that not even justice is color blind anymore.

After hearing some of the speeches at CPAC, I’m confident that a true Conservative could lead our country towards a more kind and just place for everyone regardless of race, gender or ethnicity. Why? Because a true Conservative believes in the Constitution and what it stands for: life, liberty and justice for all and all men are created equal. That’s what we deserve in a president of the United States of America.  We can not let the temporary inhabitant of the White House divide us. Let us stand together because divided we will fall.

*I’m a white female that was raised by loving parents to treat all people with respect and dignity and find it very easy to do so in my everyday life.