Are YOU Ready for Americans Against Amnesty Day? Ideas Welcome.

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Are you mad as hell at the Republicans and their plan for amnesty by any other name and won’t take it anymore? What will you do about it? Face it, the GOP is literally thumbing their nose at us, We the Voters, for flirting with this ruinous policy when we’re on the brink of winning the Senate and stopping the liberal policies of this president. We the Voters are responsible for the House takeover in 2010, keeping them in power in 2012 to fight for our liberty and now we’re on the verge of winning the Senate in 2014 and this is how they treat us?

Yes this is personal. It’s about us and our country and not about 535 lawmakers that we granted  a majority to the House to represent us and our values.

After writing thousands of words on the topic of immigration at RedState ( most chilling here, herehere, my favorite here and here)  and trying to communicate solutions, I’ve decided it’s time to quit complaining and propose a near-term solution since my pen and phone keyboard isn’t getting results.

But it will take all of us to succeed, if you’re willing and able, especially RedState and its FPWs and their expert ability to gain traction with the grassroots of our Party and the press. So here’s the idea.

A national day of Americans Against Amnesty. All that’s entailed is gathering at the local office of your  House Representative and peacefully voicing your opposition of their “Immigration Principles”.  I propose we do this collectively across our country on the same day.

It’s no surprise that most lawmakers don’t hold townhall meetings anymore because they don’t care what we think. It’s time for our Representatives to come out of the shadows and be held accountable to their voters on this issue that is bigger than 1/6th of the economy. As EE says, they will be made to care, if we have one unified voice.

Matter of fact, if this source is accurate, Rep. James Sensenbrenner from WI (who is pushing to reinstate the sections of the Voting Rights Act that SCOTUS overturned, thus perpetually penalizing Texas and other states) and Senator Ted Cruz are the only two that have scheduled events. Surely our Reps. will schedule more time this year to hear our opinions but we need to hedge our bets and we need to act fast.

The House has wrapped up their lovely retreat this week and per the House Calendar, will be working in their districts Feb. 18-21, just after the federal holiday on Feb. 17th, Washington’s birthday. How’s 2/20/2014 sound for taking back our country? Can we mobilize in time?

We should keep in mind that the TEA Party movement will be holding a huge celebration in D.C. on 2/27 to mark their 5 year anniversary so 2/20 may provide some support.

Trivia Time: What does the acronym DREAM mean? Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act. As usual, the president and Democrats conveniently omit that they blocked it from becoming law way back in 2007.

Isn’t it time for millions of citizens and legal immigrants, many who are struggling to eke out a living, to realize their DREAM before our illegal guests?

Amnesty will forever ruin the fabric of our nation. Let’s not regret that we didn’t do enough to stop it if Republicans insist on passing it without our consent. No new laws until signs like this are no longer needed in our country:Herping in Southern Arizona

All ideas and input are welcome on how to stop all lawmakers, particularly our Party Leaders, which by default, is the only way to take back our country. Return the People’s House to We the People!

What questions you would ask at a townhall? This is my short list:

WHO benefits from the GOP reforms and please don’t tell me it’s good for our citizens?

WHAT happens to our national debt and deficit when the millions gain access to our social programs?

WHEN will you listen to your base and realize we don’t want any form of amnesty, now or ever?

WHERE will the millions of unemployed find jobs if you add millions more guest workers?

WHY now and do you really think Hispanic voters their votes to Republican if you pander to them?

HOW do you expect any new laws to be enforced when this president refuses to enforce existing laws?

DO you realize your actions are no different than Democrats when they shoved Obamacare on us?

Just know that this is a sincere proposition and my hope is the RS community will come together for a day of action (similar to Chick-Fil-A), to stop this travesty on the lawful citizens and legal immigrants of our beautiful country. It’s an issue that transcends both Parties so all are welcome to voice their opinion. Let’s create an Americans Against Amnesty Day!

Bonus- Handout to leave with them: http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/lamm.asp