Knock Out Hipocrisy by the DOJ

blind justice photo: blind justice blind-justice1.jpg
The coverage by the media on the assault of innocent people in the so-called “knock out game” is inexcusable. This is not a game when people are being killed with one punch. The media needs to quit using that name and start putting a spot light on this horrendous act of violence regardless of race or reason.

I am sickened by any human being hitting another, but think it’s even more aggregious when assaulting a complete stranger for absolutely no reason. It’s barbaric and needs to stop. The media must report the truth. Yet per Breitbart.com, MSNBC reported that it’s being overplayed in the news:

Hayes showed a Fox News clip of its Knockout coverage which included former NYPD Detective Bo Dietl’s comment that the news media is suppressing the coverage. Dietl said that “the liberal news media doesn’t want to say exactly what it is — it’s gangs of black youths attacking whites.” Hayes appears to accuse Fox News’s coverage as being racist; he injects this comment after viewing the clip, “You get a sense of the racial politics and subtext well not even subtext… text.

There are some facts out there that the majority of cases are committed by young black youth against white people and Jewish people. There are also claims that this has been going on for years under the name of “polar bearing” but just now getting publicity.

But now we have our first reported case of a white guy in Texas that intentionally did the “game” on an old black man and the DOJ pounced and they should. Yet where have they been in all the other cases? Why is this incident a hate crime and not the others? Yes, he posted his crime yet others have too or were caught on street cams with no arrests or repercussions. What makes this case unique Mr. Holder?

This seems to be the standard M.O. for the DOJ. Only make examples of white hate crimes, and ignore the black hate crimes (i.e New Black Panthers at the voting booth which was the cause of the resignation of a now, vocal, former DOJ employee). A crime is a crime and should be color blind in the eyes of our judicial system. This is blatant discrimination by the DOJ. Their one-sided actions are hurting the race relations in our country which seem to be tettering under this historic president because of cases exactly like this.

Has anyone heard the name Eric Holder lately? He’s been strangely silent. I hope he gets called to Capital Hill on this one and he gives us the reasoning of making this the first case of the knockout hate crimes.

I want all knockout thugs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of their race. Yet the media picks and choses as usual. This Texas guy stated he did it to see if it’d make national news and it did. But none of the media, including FoxNews is reporting that tidbit which is relevant in my opinion. Most of the crimes have barely been reported yet this one is “the example” of all of the committed knock out crimes.

The other cowards and thugs, again mostly black youth, get away with it constantly. This guy is sick without a doubt, yet is the only one targeted by the DOJ and that is unconscionable. Where is the justice for the families that have lost love ones? Why haven’t Eric Holder and Obama made a statement or two to knock it off and encourage good will among all men?

Unfortunately the DOJ didn’t think this out as this white guy will get less time if prosecuted under federal hate crime laws than Texas hate crime laws. But they just had to stick their big toe into a cold pool of thugs and pluck out the only white guy that may have had hate in his heart and seemingly a curiosity about media coverage if the same crime was committed by a white person. There is no excuse regardless of his reasoning.

Shame on the DOJ for turning a blind eye on an act that is vile and despicable and cherry picking  the first publicized white on black case to suit their agenda. Too many innocent people are being harmed by this senseless act. The only way to stop this crime is to prosecute all proven incidents as hate crimes, regardless of race. Holder needs to be impeached for his indiscriminate application of the laws of this land.