Is Obamacare TOO BIG to FAIL? Hello Dodd, Frank? CFPB?

Too Big to Fail

It’s hard to know who is the giant and who are the minuscule people these days. I’m going with Gulliver as We the People and the small people as those that represent the government hoping to keep us tied down with debt and honourus regulations like Obamacare. Notice how he doesn’t use that word anymore? It’s all ACA now that he can’t kid about it anymore and smile with those pearly whites while lying out his non-exchange government-provided dental care.

It’s apparent that O’care was intended to quickly be too big to fail. Luckily it is so big it is failing epically.  But not for lack of trying. Remember how many years we heard that 30M would get insurance for the first time, free contraceptives and adults staying on their parent’s policies as children until 26 (um, that was counter-productive)? It was going to be swell. We even had our first ever Sham-Wow president hocking an 800 number that told us how he felt about us.

We know that “too big to fail” wasn’t solved with the Frank-Dodd bill. And then came the CFPB, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, because we need protection from those that want to pull one over on us. Here’s their mission:

About us

Our mission is to make markets for consumer financial products and services work for Americans — whether they are applying for a mortgage, choosing among credit cards, or using any number of other consumer financial products.

Isn’t buying health insurance is a major financial decision? Under O’care it is and too many are losing their insurance altogether due to this law. Well I think the Republicans should enlist the CFPB to stop this travesty against consumers!

But here is what’s most disheartening to me about this president. He doesn’t care if people are suffering. Cold to say? Yes but true. The evidence speaks for itself:

  • He turns to immigration the very next day after telling everyone to be patient and to sign up by calling an 800# that doesn’t allow one to sign up but refers one back to the non-working website. Really, you want to jam the House instead of focusing on your signature failure?
  • He refused to delay it during the shutdown because Republicans wanted to delay. No doubt he will unilaterally delay it on his own and then blame us for not filibustering in the Senate.
  • He allowed the rollout knowing it was flawed beyond recognition (yes FUBAR). There is no way he didn’t know that it wasn’t ready for prime time and if he didn’t know, he should resign now.
  •  He’s now back on the campaign trail since he doesn’t care about the fallout on Americans; it’s all about taking back the House in 2014 and transforming this nation.
  • Name one president that inflicted so much pain on The People knowingly and without one vote from his opposition Party? Many a bad bills have been passed but none this encompassing without any votes from the minority Party. And yet, he just announced that he’s open to talking with anyone that has ideas to fix healthcare. Prove it!
  • He has no remorse whatsoever that more people are losing their insurance than getting it with his signature law otherwise he would address the topic or at least let his HHS Sec. tell us how many have signed up. They only want to withhold the truth.

How is that this admin gets away with not answering basic accountability questions? It’s truly mind-blowing that they’re comfortable with just saying no. Hopefully the Oversight Committee won’t waste time issuing subpoenas to HHS on this issue:

Issa and Alexander requested documents relating to the construction and launch of the website, which was intended to allow insurance customers to shop for coverage through the federal Obamacare exchange, in an Oct. 10 letter. Sebelius informed them on Thursday that she would not be complying with the request.

I’m looking forward to see if Reid will take a vote on the upcoming bill from Rep. Ron Johnson (R-WI);

Johnson says he’ll name his bill the “If You Like Your Health Plan, You Can Keep It Act” , lifting from Obama’s repeated assertions that people with insurance would be able to keep their doctor and their healthcare plan under ObamaCare.

Always an optimist and looking for ways for Gulliver to survive, our only hope to stop this invasion of our privacy is to let the Democrats know we won’t take this anymore. Yes, we rail against Republicans yet nary a one voted for this disaster. We on the Right must let the Left know this can’t stand and I wouldn’t be surprised that we get soldiers in this fight. They may not be willing to call uncle yet but give it time and phone calls like when the Congress passed a Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act in 1988 but quickly realized it wouldn’t work.

Death by a thousand cuts is not in our DNA as Americans yet we seem to be powerless by the government of and by the People. It’s time we let our lawmakers of all spectrums know that we want our country back and we don’t care if they’re red, blue or purple. We’re Americans.