FAST TRACK: It’s Unknown, Scary and Real. It Must Be Stopped In Its Tracks ASAP.

Remember those other famous word, never let a crisis go to waste? Given the recent events and the permanent structure of the Obama, Inc. campaign (OFA), is it beyond belief that a crisis is admin made? What a nefarious plot for a book that would make.

The debate about the CR and debt ceiling has sucked all the oxygen out of the room and rightly so. Meanwhile, something else is brewing. Something ominous that I got a whiff of in a small town paper by a writer named Phyllis Schlafly, who I’d never hear of until today*.

I’ve said for the past five years, watch what the Left hand is doing when the right hand is moving. Was the Syria zig-zag a debacle or an intentional misstep with such timed precision to the debt ceiling? What else is brewing while our eyes are turned away?

We may never know but we should be alert. But something called Fast Track is real.

Fast Track gives the president the power to sign trade agreements without Congressional authority and unilaterally write laws to make the agreements binding. He is pushing for this and it seems par for his mentality. The article I read said Boehner is on board; I have no way to confirm the validity but hope others at RS do.

The president and many people in the backlit rooms are trying to do an end round around Congress and The People, again. It starts with a treaty called Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and they are trying to override Congress and our domestic policies. This is being done in secret and is not about free trade for the 11 countries included in the deal.

This is yet another Constitutional overreach by this president and Congress must stop him in his tracks. Per the Constitution, the president “shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur” (Article II, section 2). Yet it appears they may cede their authority to regulate commerce with foreign nations as per the Constitution.

Not one to believe one source on such an important issue, I did a search on it and even found mention on the Daily Kos of all places and they advocated blocking it. So I had to dig more and did a simple search on “fast track and treaties”.  Wow. I have no idea if this is a reputable site yet they seemed to sum it up:

Trans-Pacific Partnership – the corporate sovereignty treaty – is coming and they’re going to try to push it through Congress with “Fast Track.”  It’s really, really important to pay attention to this one….

Yet the administration is keeping the TPP secret from the Congress, and is asking the Congress to set aside these sections of the Constitution, let the President sign the agreement before Congress sees it, and then quickly vote on it under something called “Fast Track.”

The idea justifying Fast Track authority comes down to this: democracy with its transparency and checks and balances and its processes of careful consideration is cumbersome, and prevents things from happening quickly. So in order to “get things done” the Congress should yield the authority of We, the People to review trade agreements, trust the President’s negotiators and let’s just get this thing done and out the door right now.

And yet another dire warning from all people, Keith Ellison, Rep. MN, from the Huffington Post**:

For 130 million working Americans, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is, as Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison (D) described so well, the “largest corporate power grab you never heard of.”

Even Members of Congress have real no idea of what’s involved in the negotiations.

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), has seen some of the proposals. TPP is “a punch in the face to the middle class of America … but I’m not allowed to tell you why,” he said.

In addition to the secrecy, trade negotiators are counting on “fast track” authority, which blocks any changes or amendments to the trade deal and only allows for an “up or down” vote by Congress. Stopping or changing fast track is the only real way to change TPP.

Just like when I sounded the alarm over the LOST Treaty, this has nothing to do with trade but everything to do with giving up our sovereignty. We must pay attention to the sleight of hand at work here. It’s omnipresent.

Just like the ACA, the majority of Americans are against it. The Republicans should seize on this since clearly the Left is against it too. Wake up and seize the moment! This has bipartisan opposition which makes the GOP’s job easy to win on substance.

I’m all for free trade and capitalism but not with favored treatment which is what this so-called treaty will do. It will not help create jobs nor help the economy; on the contrary, it will export jobs and regulate our business practices.

Oddly, the president that drew the redline over CW’s in Syria, before he withdrew his powder, wants to give “free trade” to barbaric countries. Per Schlafly’s article in the Daily Sun:

“Some of the 11 countries are notorious for their persecution of Christians, including Brunei Malaysia and Vietnam. Brunei, for example, where current negotiations are now going on in secret, has a constitution that states, “The religion of Brunei Darussalam shall be the Muslim religion” which means Islamic Sharia law supercedes all other law and regulates all aspects of life…Brunei forbids the importation of Bibles and all non-Islamic texts or symbols, yet Obama has the gall to tell us TPP is free trade and we should give him extraordinary power under Fast Track”.

Regardless of the fact that I think this is a pattern with this president, that is, supporting other’s values more than our own, we must question Congress if they are even thinking of giving this particular president a Fast Track without their consent.

We the People must insist that Congress does not cede their Constitutional authority to ratify commerce with foreign nations. It’s in the original documents for just this reason.

* I originally wrote this on September 20, 2013 so that is when I read the article in the local paper.

** This is a new info I found tonight. And no, I don’t normally quote liberal websites as sources but they proved my point this time that the R’s should seize the moment.