Mr. Speaker, Tell America the Truth: the President WANTS to Default and to Blame the House

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An Open Letter to the Speaker of the House, Mr. Boehner:

The president will not negotiate and he’s repeatedly said so. Nor will the Senate Majority Leader. Therefore you should quit negotiating with them and your own Party. No matter what proposal you offer, they refute it within minutes. And what has the Senate or president offered? Nothing!

It is evident that the House has tried in good faith to keep the government open and fund several government functions with the 15 spending bills the House has passed. It offered the president a clean 60-day debt ceiling increase and he refused the offer. Even the Senate Republicans offered a six-month clean debt ceiling increase but again, Harry Reid refused that. This is proof that they want a shut down and default. You gave them the farm and yet they refused it.

You can’t negotiate with people who are unwilling to negotiate. But you do have the Constitution on your side and I deplore you not to capitulate your enumerated powers to the Executive branch. That would be the worst thing that you, as the House Leader, could do to America.

It is the People’s House that has the power of the purse so please use it wisely. It isn’t necessary for you to offer more concessions. Today, you’ve watered down your proposal in just a matter of hours. Who are you negotiating with besides yourself? It can’t be the Democrats or president! Why are you dropping strings that will save Americans from Obamacare?

You must not cave on the CR or debt-ceiling without getting a reprieve on Obamacare. Tie the ceiling to eliminate ALL waivers for Obamacare. This will tell you all you need to know. Either the president and Democrats want fairness for all as they repeatedly state or they want a default.

Don’t worry about what the media will say, the Senate will pass or the president will sign. You have the power to propose contingencies to the debt-ceiling and the budget. Make a final offer and wait for the Senate to act. You have done your job. Don’t give up more ground on providing a reprieve to the American people.

You are dealing with vindictive people that only want to distort and grab the enumerated powers granted to the equal branches of the government with a target on the House.  I hope you listened to Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) on the House floor yesterday. He explained why this is now a Constitutional crisis if the House gives up control of the debt ceiling to the president. Don’t do it.

Many Republicans like me have not been too pleased with your capitulations to the basic ideology of Conservatives. Now is the time for you to listen to your base and heed our wishes. Simply ensure fairness for all and tie the debt ceiling to no waivers for anyone.

Don’t let this moment pass. Now is time to fight against Obamacare. Eliminate all waivers for everyone, including Unions, friends of the president, Congress and the White House and leave it at that for the debt ceiling raise. Insist that the president upholds the entire law of the land on the ACA in the CR. That is a reasonable position. Nothing more and nothing less than the law dictates.

Please don’t retreat. The other side will not retreat on any of their demands. You are negotiating with yourself and it’s embarrassing. We are depending on you to be the leader of the People since clearly there isn’t one in the White House.

There is only one person that can default on the good faith and credit of the United States and that’s the president. He owns it and is required to pay the interest payments by law. If he chooses not to pay them first with the incoming revenue, that is his choice. You can’t make him uphold the Constitution. Please quit trying. Put your final offer on the table and hope the president and Senate are true Americans and don’t want to default based upon their mantra of fairness for all.