A Call to Action: Deploy the Syrian Strategy to DEFUND Obamacare

Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

We may never know if Congress would have authorized military force that the president requested since he yanked it before the vote, but the odds were leaning towards a resounding no.

To no surprise, Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor immediately voiced their support for the president, after one WH meeting with him, even before Obama laid out his full case to Congress and The People. The president said jump, and Boehner replied, how high sir? Well, that’s how I envisioned the conversation went since we’ve seen the GOP leaders cower on other crucial issues and break the Hastert rule. They did it just this week when they pulled their faux CR vote. To their credit, they are holding the line on the sequester, but are using that to lull us into believing they are standing strong by passing a CR slightly under the current budget.

But we definitely know why Congress was leaning against military action in Syria: We the People lit up the phone lines and town halls with a vengeance to voice our opposition. And the lawmakers and the president heard us loudly and clearly and finally heeded the wishes of The People. Chalk one up for The People!

The expression, “Don’t Look A Gift Horse in the Mouth”, describes the GOP perfectly. Loosely translated, it means you should not criticize or feel doubt about something good that has been offered to you. In this case, the GOP has two gifts:

1. The polling proves there is overwhelming opposition to Obamacare, and it’s become more unpopular ever since it was signed into law.

2. The biggest supporters of Obama and his Bill just got the boot for a waiver! The union has been rejected by their promised one and peeved is probably an understatement to describe how they feel about now. They didn’t hide their venom at their convention this week.

The GOP just entered the perfect storm to defund it. Be it the CR or debt-ceiling limit, either method will work, yet they’re too chicken to force the Senate and president to blink first.

Just think, the GOP could kill two birds with one stone: defund Obamacare and help diminish the union’s support of him and his policies. Well maybe three birds if the unions stay mad enough to sit out the next couple elections.

The tide is on our side and the time is ripe to strike twice and make them listen to We the People. Senator Cruz likes to quote Margaret Thatcher: “First you win the argument, then you win the vote.”

Hello, GOP? You’ve already won the argument and have the People’s vote!

Make the Senate take a vote on a CR that does not fund Obamacare. Try it and see what happens. Like the Syrian AUMF, you’ll never know if you don’t try it. How many on the Left will go wobbly since the union will be watching their votes now?

Do it and then flood the media with Sen. Cruz’s message:  “Why is Barack Obama willing to shut down the government to preserve Obamacare?”  Add in these statements and see how many support your cause:

  • Even the unions don’t want this train wreck.
  • It is killing jobs and making us a part-time nation.
  • It’s hurting the poorest among us that need full time work, minorities and single Mom’s.
  • It is violating the 1st Amendment right’s of many religious organizations and employers.
  • Here is our plan once it’s defunded- it’s time to have one in your pocket and announce it.

It isn’t that hard to win the debate to defund it when there are so many reasons people despise the law. Leverage the Left’s primary supporters to make your points against the Bill. This is an easy win. Turn the tables and find out just how many on the Left still want to defend this indefensible Bill or will actually support you. It’s called strategy.

We just need to duplicate our Syria template and melt the phone lines*, the faxes, the Tweets and any other method to get them to hear us: Defund It Now! Don’t Blink!

* h/t to a comment from Freedoms Truth