At this Point, Benghazi DOES Matter and the Uneven Parallels

*We all know the infamous line from then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Many of us were in shock for days over her callous statement, not to mention the outright lies she and all the others of this feckless admin, from top to bottom, showered upon us for over a month before a crack of truth inconvienently eked out. Of course the president lied like Pinocchio with a willing CNN accomplice in the debate for president and really never admitted to Benghazi being a terrorist attack (reminds me of the Ft. Hood “work place violence”).

And while the president and SoS Kerry claim that the Syria Accountability Act gives them cover, they themselves have violated the Act which states “(5) reduce U.S. diplomatic contacts with Syria (other than those required to protect U.S. interests or carry out the purposes of this Act).

And from the State Dept.’s own webpage we have this clear violation of the Act:

In early 2009, the United States began to review its Syria policy in light of  changes in the country and the region, leading to an effort to engage with Syria to find areas of mutual interest, reduce regional tensions, and promote Middle  East peace.

Fast forward nearly a year to the day of the Benghazi 9/11 massacre and the same president that lied to America, is now asking Congress to approve going to war against Syria. Again, my jaw dropped when he announced his plan to get Congressional approval after beating his chest that he had all the Executive power to do so without them, just as he did in Libya and Sudan, where Kerry again he was a prime actor. Yes Sudan. Not to get side-tracked but read here, here and here, where he inserted himself and they are not happy with him….typical. Headline: “Sudan Groups Hope New Envoy Will Reverse Obama’s ‘Disastrous’ Approach”.

This time, the inconvenience was his lack of support here and abroad and as usual, he can’t possibly be held responsible for his own actions and decided to punt to the Body he has railed against since Pelosi lost her gavel. Did he grovel to Boehner and other Republicans to save face? Hopefully Boehner will be writing his tell-all memoirs soon.

The question remains: why didn’t the president authorize our military to try to save American lives in Benghazi in real-time, regardless of the outcome of said effort? Why is saving unknown Syrians more important than our own (I don’t want them to die either)?

How can we trust him with more of America’s finest if they get caught in a perilous situation in Syria? What will he do if a missile hits one of our destroyers?  The myriad of outcomes from bombing a sovereign nation are numerous and he better have a plan B, C and D. Seemingly he doesn’t from all we’ve heard from Kerry et al. Limited and proportional strikes without an aim to change the projectory of the civil war into which he wants to insert America isn’t a strategy we can trust. This is going to end badly.

Yesterday, Rep. Duncan (S.C.) held up a picture of Navy Seal Mr. Woods and made it clear that until we have answers to Benghazi, this admin has no truth in accountability. It was a powerful moment that all must see, that clearly shows this president and his Cabinet have more outrage for the lives of foreigners than its own citizens:

And Kerry’s condescending response was a clear variation of, “at this point, what difference does it make”…as in move along, nothing to see here:

This is not about getting into Syria’s civil war,” Kerry later added. “This is about enforcing the principle that people shouldn’t be allowed to gas their citizens with impunity!

Let’s draw the proper distinction here, congressman,” Kerry said, “we don’t deserve to drag this into yet another Benghazi discussion when the real issue here is whether or not the Congress is going to stand up for international norms!

Benghazi matters now more than ever. The credibility of the president and our country by default is at stake because he did nothing to back up his words that “those that perpetrated this will be brought to justice”. Yet a year later, and chats with the terrorists in coffee rooms by CNN and FoxNews, he has done nothing. NOTHING (yes I’m yelling now). Those that can tell the truth have been threatened because the truth matters and it will shatter his fairy tale. And on seeing this blatant disregard for justice, our enemies our emboldened. Words don’t matter, actions do.

If the president can’t bring the full might of this country to determine and bring to justice those that killed our Ambassador and the brave men who tried to save his life, what does that say to the world? That he speaks loudly and carries a small stick; he’s impotent. His words and fist shaking mean absolutely nothing.

The terrorists and horrible dictators will carry on without impunity, since our leader has only empty words as his sword of no might. Red lines have and will get crossed without repercussion and all the world’s a stage for his mockery.

And while I despise his diminishing of our great country, I’m not surprised. I predicted it as so many others here and across the country. Just 4 months ago, I wrote this:

Now the enemy of our enemy is our friend is muddled and is too dangerous to arm unknowns to defeat Assad. Act with strength or shut up but don’t quiver on the national stage with faux red lines because the jihadists see that as red meat to continue their ways without impunity.

It wasn’t hard to predict where this was heading after seeing him procrastinate for two plus years. And punting it to Congress and claiming he didn’t make the red line surely came from his political team headed by Axelrod. They think they’re so brilliant that we won’t see past the focus group tested language!

Everything is choreographed to a tee with this president. It was so from the very beginning and always will be, thus he can’t be seen as making a mistake or faltering like a real human being:

This is the Obama Show. Sound familiar? It should. The American people are the puppets of this administration and have been choreographed with excruciating detail as if we were actors being filmed in, “The Truman Show”:

And so while his show goes on, lives will be lost as a consequence of his arrogance and disregard for American lives. Just when was the last time the word Afghanistan graced his lips? Only as a backhanded slap to GW Bush to clarify that this venture won’t be anything like Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet they are still dying fighting “the good war” in his words and nary a word from him as he wants to start another war that will be in his rearview mirror in short order.

Benghazi was an act of war against our country and he did nothing. Syria is not an act of war against our country and he wants to make a stand. His line in the sand is purely political to take the heat off the growing scandals and debt ceiling debate. It’s all politics all the time in his bubble. I may be callous, but he is dangerous in his small, small world.

*Updated to add Kerry’s remarks, add a few sentences and correct some spelling mistakes made in the wee hours that spellcheck didn’t catch.