The Watercooler ~ Did I Miss the Privacy Memo?


Dear RedState:

I haven’t been an active participant in the daily exchange lately for the past few weeks so did I missed the memo that the privacy rules were changed? Please point me to the notice if I’m amiss.

Last night I noticed that if I up-vote a comment, my User Name is clearly listed when hovering over the up-votes arrow. However, the same action on down-votes doesn’t produce the same results. Why is that?

Change is good in many respects for the improvement of processes and profitability so I get those concepts. However, when RS makes changes that makes known a member’s approval of a comment but doesn’t make the same info known on disapproves,  than RS members like me might wonder why the changes to our privacy are productive. This is especially disturbing since “guests” can up-vote all day long while remaining anonymous. It’d be nice to know who down-votes and hold them to account for their votes in the same manner of the recent changes on up-votes.

Perhaps I’m paranoid due to the NSA leak but I never expected my anonymity to be compromised by RS and yet I feel that’s exactly what’s happening here on the one site I cherished for strong and logical opinions on the abuses of big government.

Lastly, why is it that member diarists can only post one diary a day and should expect their previous diary to fall off the list if they post a second diary, yet other posters get a pass? I’m not talking about RS FPWs that obviously can do as they please.

Long ago, as a newbie here, I asked for a list of the Front Page Writers on the “About Us” tab, so I could know who’s who. I also know that sometimes a diarist is promoted to the Front Page but it used to be designated as “Promoted from the Diaries” but today it’s not consistent.

Would it be possible to list who are the Front Page Writers? Why does it change depending on the day? For instance, are Todd Starnes, Joe the Plumber and Dana Loesch FP Writers now? While I love her posts, Dana is a fairly new writer here and somehow she can post multiple diaries on the same day, like yesterday when two of her diaries were posted within 3 minutes:

Wherein The NYT Acts Like Anthony Weiner’s Cup By: Dana Loesch (Diary)  |  June 11th at 10:09 PM  |

Colorado Senator Claims Democracy Is Racist By: Dana Loesch (Diary)  |  June 11th at 10:07 PM  |

I hope I don’t lose my posting abilities due to my curiosity on the changing rules of the road and have to wonder if anyone else is somewhat alarmed at listing the names of up-voters but not down-voters. And yes, I would have sent this to “contact us” but chose not to for this topic since it effects all contributors.

Thank you RedState!!!

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