Hello GOP? Connect the Dots NOW for a Smaller Government!


Preface: I wrote this last Friday and intended to publish it on Monday after a bit of tweaking over the weekend. Yet the scandals kept coming so I kept revising it. Of course tomorrow is another day that God willing, will shine a bright light on this administration.

Today’s headlines are very telling and should compel every American to ask: What the hay is going on with my country and why is it that I barely recognize it anymore! What the heck happened to Mom, baseball and apple pie as the icons of the goodness of our people? We need to ponder this to our core if we’re to preserve it’s greatness. And no, we can’t go back to the 1950’s heyday of “Father Knows Best” but we can evaluate where we are going and what we represent as a country and as a People.

Let’s review the most recent events that should cause a tidal wave of angst amongst We the People and I’m not talking about Left or Right issues. These are fundamental problems that effect all Americans whether they choose to face them or not.

Benghazi Terrorist Attack: It was a plethora of who to blame by which government department and who’s a$$ to cover, without regard to the families of the brave fallen. Dereliction of duty and a blatant cover-up from start to, well we don’t have a finish yet, and hopefully top official’s heads will roll. Not subordinates that followed orders since no low-level person can order a stand-down of our brave and well-trained Special Ops forces. Where was the president and what did he do? Forget the Talking Points. What did the president do or not do is the main question.

Boston Bombing: DHS and the FBI had the elder on their terrorist watch list but never told the excellent local Boston police or joint counter-terrorism task force members. The FBI says it’s on a website and since they had access to it, they should have known the details. Really? DHS had an outgoing “ping” but not an incoming one. Hmm…

Obamacare:  March 21, 2010  was the fateful day of passage. Now, is it possible that the TEA Party folks, as an anti-voice of his major legislation, were an obstacle that had to be dealt with by the IRS? The Democrats that claim that it’s the Republicans fault if it results in a train wreck is a farce beyond recognition.

IRS and TEA Party: ABC posted the questionnaire from the IRS to any 501C that had “TEA Party” or “patriot” in their application and it asked for their first born…oops that wasn’t a direct question, sorry. And now I can’t find it on ABC-surprise, but I did find it on the Blaze. So a “patriot” is on a watch list? You betcha and it’s not just the IRS that claimed a mea culpa. The DHS has also warned of us so-called dangerous people that believe in the founding principles of our country and DOD scrubbed all references to Muslim jihadists due to pressure by none other than CAIR. Ah, the melting pot.  Did those cute acorns at Organizing for Action get the same scrutiny? One hopes someone will do a FOIA to find out. Thank you ACLJ and Landmark Legal Foundation!

Navy Team Six: This is beyond heart breaking. The brave were targeted by jihadists* after the victory lap of this president’s o.k to kill OBL and were subsequently killed due to decrepit equipment flown into hostile territory without their normal forward air power. As usual and unfortunately, the families of the fallen want answers but can’t get them from this admin.

DHS: While good intentioned after 9/11/01, it’s become a epic failure. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s top heavy, as usual, and too cumbersome, but it’s not doing its basic duty of keeping us safe from threats here and those incoming from abroad. Refusing to enforce current immigration laws is a pure frontal attack on Americans and those immigrants that came here legally. It’s become a bee hive infested with political agendas rather than it’s original intent of protecting the country under the 43rd president.

Immigration Bill: Can anyone tell me why the lawmakers put more emphasis on kow-towing to the illegals more than the People’s needs? I know the GOP thinks it will help us win future elections but that simply isn’t true. The elite, being comprised of Democrats and way too many Republicans, are insistent that this is good for us. Bunk! It will change the fabric of our country like nothing we’ve ever seen and I support legal immigration!

And now these latest examples of the depth of corruption in our government brought to you by the most transparent administration ever or so they claim:

HHS Fundraising: The wicked witch of the Midwest has been illegally fund raising for O’care by shaking down health care companies for funds…the same companies that are required to change their way of doing business because of the law so how can they possibly close their wallets (especially given the IRS scandal)?  This is after she was already sanctioned for similar behavior but apparently didn’t learn her lesson. She’s short on funds to implement the bill and has resorted to private fund raising which happens to be illegal due to the Anti-Deficiency Act. She may also be coordinating and directing the fund raising for Enroll America, which has a dubious list of Board of Directors. Her spokesperson,  Jason Young, claimed some nonsense that it was perfectly legal under the Public Health Service (PHS) Act but that’s another bold faced lie: the Act was enacted primarily to respond to health emergencies and includes a list of allowable actions without a declaration of a public health emergency, none of which includes fundraising when Congress doesn’t appropriate funds. Sen. Lamar Alexander is now asking the GAO to investigate.

AP Phone Records: So Holder’s DOJ has confiscated records of 20 phone lines used by the AP and up to 100 reporters in a fishing expedition for a national security leak on 5/7/12 about a foiled terrorist attack by the CIA in Yemen, or so they say. CIA Director John Brennan was questioned by the FBI in Feb. as he was suspected of the leak when he was the WH NSA (no wonder after we learned SoDefense Gates told him to keep his clam shut which isn’t the actually quote). More to come on this but it seems like the liberal press that adored this president is bitten by the hand that fed it. The irony is fitting.

Pentagon’s Anti-Christian Meetings: It seems that we weren’t the only people to notice how hostile this admin and the pentagon have blatantly been treating Christians. Members of Congress, 59 of them, are investigating whether the DoD violated religious freedoms and sent a letter to SoD Hagel asking why the military met with anti-Christian extremist Mikey Weinstein. This is the same nut job that said military Chaplains shouldn’t be allowed to preach the Gospel. Recall that for a time the military banned bibles at Walter Reed Hospital. This too will have legs as they say.

Why is the iron hot for Conservatives to strike now? It’s predicated on national security (and now personal privacy) that I believe all Americans relish beyond political Party. The government is a blob aka The Leviathan and it’s impossible for it to know what the left and right hand are doing, let alone be held accountable when it fails.

We need a smaller government so those in a senior position know what their subordinates do and what they don’t do. The layers and layers of bureaucracy make it impossible to relate to those they manage at the lowest levels and thus, no layer or person has accountability. Which makes it very easy for the leaders to point the finger at some low level person acting on their own as we’ve been told repeatedly in light of these scandals. Sure, blame it on someone that has no authority to dispute the accusations. It doesn’t work that way in private enterprise and when it does, that rogue employee is promptly fired.  Yet in government, that so-called trouble maker is shuffled to a new position, usually with a promotion and raise. Where I come from, that’s known as the FUMU principle.

There are nearly 3M federal employees. One site reports 22K in the State Dept. so while I’ll never let Hillary off the hook from her dereliction of duties that caused the killing of her Ambassador, she’d be hard pressed to have a grasp on all of her people and their concerns across the world. Yet she should’ve known about the requests for additional security from her good friend Amb. Stevens given all the warnings and cables by him, the CIA and recent attacks in the news including two on the Consulate.

Events of the last 4 years prove that any semblance of good governance based upon sound management principles have gone awry. Any leader knows that regardless of circumstances or results, the top dog deserves the gain and the blame, whether or not it’s justified, it does not matter.

One can only conclude that the federal government is so top heavy it might tip over this country (not like Guam) into tyranny where a few elite govern the masses without their consent or knowledge of overreach. Congress is a day late but not a dollar short when it comes to using their investigative powers….well except for a Benghazi Special Committee according to Speaker Boehner’s office.

Some of the recent events might have been prevented had the government been able to move swiftly to unfolding events with key personnel that understood the prevailing conditions on the ground instead of trying to communicate via two tin cans and a string.  We have come so far yet digressed due to largess.

Remember When We Had A Constitution?

Our government is out of control. Republicans should take this opportunity to make the case for a smaller more responsive government. Not because of the unworldly debt and entitlement programs (which too are out of control), but because the government can’t perform its primary function of securing our country. This is a winning argument because it resonates with everyone from all political spectrums. We can make the case now given the horrible recent events. It’s hard to connect the dots when there are too many chefs in the kitchen with stove pipes!

There are just a few enumerated powers given to the federal government and the most important one is national security. It is failing because it can’t perform it’s duties with all the layers of bureaucracy. This is exactly why we need a smaller, more responsive federal government, that should be focused on the big picture and leave the governing to the people of the states. We can win this premise without the talk of the debt which leaves some going cross-eyed and changing the channel!

The sales pitch from O that the government is a good and friendly partner that helps all Americans succeed has failed. His mantra was and still is, “you didn’t build that”, without the benefit of government. It’s clearly a work of fiction from his Chicago sales team that hasn’t earned any commissions lately. Of course most quit after the first term upon seeing the writing on the wall, but I digress. He’s been spouting that we can’t survive without big bro’ government and then claims he knows nothing about the events of his government and won’t comment on anything by hiding until yet another investigation is completed.

I thought there was a crack in the dome of this White House ministry of propaganda before the election where I gave this description: “This is the Obama Show. Sound familiar? It should. The American people are the puppets of this administration and have been choreographed with excruciating detail as if we were actors being filmed in, “The Truman Show”.  Sadly I was wrong since he was re-elected. But now the dome has multiple cracks and it be may crumbling before our very eyes…hopefully.

Government is necessary but it’s not our friend or our partner to facilitate our lives. On the contrary with this admin; it is evil, burdensome and downright lawless. Gov. Rick Perry, my esteemed governor, had it right: he’d make the federal government as inconsequential in our lives as possible. Amen to that!

We The People are duty bound by the Constitution to uphold it and to hold our government accountable. For us to do our job, we must have a smaller more accountable government. We are the shareholders of the federal government. This is an American responsibility that is thrust upon us to ensure our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The People are listening. CARPE DIEM GOP!

*I have to laugh because ever time I use spell check, it suggests headsets for jihadists- ain’t gonna happen.

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