Live Free or Die: Adam and Eve is Not Equal to Steve and Steve or Eve and Eve: Definitions Matter

Old man

We’ll never know for sure the exact reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire but many attribute it to a marked decline in morals, especially by the ruling classes that eventually spilled onto the general public. “Immoral and promiscuous sexual behavior including adultery and orgies was commonplace and celebrated in the Colosseum arena”, according to one source,

Emperors such as Tiberius kept groups of young boys for his pleasure, incest by Nero who also had a male slave castrated so he could take him as his wife, Elagabalus who forced a Vestal Virgin into marriage, Commodus with his harems of concubines enraged Romans by sitting in the theatre or at the games dressed in a woman’s garments.

Alas, we’ll never know for sure since there are many hypothesis including corruption, gluttony, a failing economy and high inflation among others; sound familiar?

I bring up ancient Rome as a symbolism of our country today that has declined both morally and economically. To argue those points as false is mindless, unless you’re a so-called progressive, that may actually relish the decline in order to re-invent the norms of our society. Our country is or soon will be, completely morally bankrupt due to the whole notion of equality for all.

It’s taken decades for our blessed country to get to this state of nothingness where individuality is shunned and collective thinking is celebrated for solidarity and unification.  So group thinking is now defined as “enlightenment” and if you don’t agree you’re a racist or extremist aka a Tea Partier that wants to stop the over-reach of the Leviathan I call the blob.

The goal of the liberals/progressives is for us to all be clones: one for all and all for one. But who or what is “the one” that they are seeking? It’s definitely not God as evidenced by their relentless mockery of us as “bible-thumping extremists” in their words, for that doesn’t comport with their secular goal of equality for all. God creates all of us as  unique individuals with unalienable rights and that is a threat to their agenda.

My only guess is the elitists want to rule the masses for power and greed, more traits of Ancient Rome. It’s more easily accomplished if we don’t have individual thoughts and goals. They want to be our “God”. I’ve struggled with the why of this grand scheme since it seems so hollow to rule a herd of devoid cows. Sure power is an aphrodisiac but then what? I always come back to the question of what good is ruling and controlling a mindless humanity? The whole idea of equality for all with equal outcomes is simply a Marxist principle that makes everyone equally poor and equally miserable except for the ruler and its chosen few elites to dictate how everyone except them should live.

Back to the issue of SSM. What is left of a civil society if its established definitions and customs are tossed out and their meanings are so distorted that they become absolutely worthless and void in the name of equality?

Here’s how www.FrontPageMagazine.com phrased it:

As Orwell understood in 1984, tyranny is essentially about definitions. It is hard to fight for freedom if you lack the word. It is hard to maintain a marriage if the idea no longer exists. Orwell’s Oceania made basic human ideas into contradictory things. The left’s deconstruction of social values does the same thing to such essential institutions as marriage; which becomes an important impermanent thing of no fixed nature or value.

The left’s greatest trick is making things mean the opposite of what they do. Stealing is sharing. Crime is justice. Property is theft. Each deconstruction is accompanied by an inversion so that a thing, once examined, comes to seem the opposite of what it is, and once that is done, it no longer has the old innate value, but a new enlightened one.

I would have to add that for all the hoop-la on all the major cable news shows that SSM is inevitable, Mark Levin played so many clips last night from Left politicians including Obama, Durbin, Reid, Bill Clinton, and Hillary on the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman during and after the passage of DOMA. It was stunning to think they have all “evolved” in a matter 17 years as they were all past middle-aged at the time. “Evolving” is purely a shameless vote grabbing ploy and Levin exposed them for their hypocrisy.

So what is the push for SSM really about at face value? Well I wish I wrote this *article as it encapsulates my thoughts exactly:

The left’s deconstruction of social institutions is not a quest for equality, but for destruction. As long as the institutions that preceded it exist, it will go on deconstructing them until there is nothing left but a blank canvas, an unthinking anarchy, on which it can impose its perfect and ideal conception of how everyone should live.

Equality is merely a pretext for deconstruction. Change the parameters of a thing and it ceases to function. Redefine it and expand it and it no longer means anything at all. A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but if you change ‘rose’ to mean anything that sticks out of the ground, then the entire notion of what is being discussed has gone and cannot be reclaimed without also reclaiming language.

The deconstruction of marriage is part of the deconstruction of gender and family and those are part of the long program of deconstructing man. Once each basic value has been rendered null and void, inverted and revealed to be random and meaningless, then man is likewise revealed to be a random and meaningless creature whose existence requires shaping by those who know better.

The final deconstruction eliminates nation, religion, family and even gender to reduce the soul of man to a blank slate waiting to be written on.

Definitions, culture and customs do matter. All of those things make us Americans that love freedom and individuality and they bring a sense of patriotism and belonging that most believe are the very soul of being a citizen of this great country we call home.

Without some basic tenets of morality and meaningful definitions of concepts, we can’t have a free and just society. No country on Earth has ever manifested a more perfect idea of what it takes to make a union of all people. Don’t mess with perfection.

If we’re all to be equal, without individualism and our God given rights to express them, well, we might as well be North Korea! Extreme? Yes, to prove the point that a ruler of the masses that demands that all must act and think as one, and can never speak out or else be killed, is exactly where we’re headed in this whole “collectivism is good and just” mantra and “equality for all means equal outcome for all”.

And for non-believers that this scenario could never happen here, well history proves it can happen anywhere after the masses go to sleep at night with the thought that  “it could never happen here” and then reality sets in upon wakening that it did happen here under their sleep-filled eyes. History proves that it’s typically a slow trickle rather than an overnight sensation but then it’s too late to stop the nightmare. 

“Live Free or Die” is the state slogan of New Hampshire**. I’ve always loved that slogan and its meaning and all my many visits to the Granite State. I got to see The Old Man of the Mountain before it crumbled and I’m reminded of how our value system of freedom and liberty is slowly eroding.

If we all want to live free, then ideas that are anathema to a majority, can’t and shouldn’t, be forced fed to satisfy a small minority. Equality does not mean tossing out our culture or “evolving” due to the 5% of the population that acts differently than the other 95%. Why can’t we live and let live and be happy that we are all Americans without forcing the “rights” of a few onto the rights of the rest of us?

Unfortunately the divide and conquer strategy worked in the last two elections and now we’re more divided as a country due to this type of micro-class mentality that everyone deserves special rights too regardless of their representative population.

If we don’t stop the “I’m a special interest group and deserve to be a protected class” mentality, we will have no defining and common elements of what makes us Americans. The land of the free and of the brave will sadly die. Equality does not equal liberty. Definitions of words and their underlining meaning matter and without them, we as a country will mean nothing.

P.S. I originally posted this diary on 3/29 and after getting no readers, decided I should change the title to “Live Free or Die” which my original diary clearly depicted a picture of the “Old Man on the Mountain”. Sadly I haven’t had the time to update it but most will think it’s a copy cat of one of our esteemed FPW’s. I assure you the picture and verbiage in the last paragraph have not been changed; just the title which I should have used in the original post from 2 days ago. I guess I don’t title my diaries very well.

* I implore all to read this article as it sums up the Left’s goal better than most.

** It pains me to see that NH isn’t living up to its great slogan these days.