This is REALLY How to Win the Next Election...Truth be Told

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If any Republican would stand up and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, we would win every election from here on out. And getting the liberal vote would be a piece of cake.

Why? Because admitting that the system is rigged against every day Americans would be monumental (I hate the term middle-class since we didn’t have a caste system until the last two elections).  Yes, as a Constitutional conservative, I said the system is rigged and I mean it with all my heart. And thanks to our current president, the master-divider-of-class-warfare-in-chief, he has given us a lay up shot we can’t miss. Polls indicate our policies are winners but not our name.

The biggest platform that would win over the majority of Americans is to acknowledge that the “system” is broken and it favors the the most vocal in D.C. who are equal to or greater than, rich, organized or lobbyists. It’s nearly impossible for an average American to voice its opinion in-between elections and after all, that’s when the real sausage making happens as it’s too gross to talk about ahead of an election vote.

This is NOT an “occupy” opinion of we’ve been wronged by evil __ fill in the blank of banks, oil companies, etc. that earn their profits fairly and squarely via true competition and they shouldn’t be forced to subsidize the unskilled and unfortunates in their industry. For it seems that the anti-trust laws that were intended to prevent corporate monopolies, tend to favor some and not others, for whatever reason..politics? Just sayin’.

The problem is most of us don’t live in the shadows of the beautiful White House or the Capital and thus don’t have a representative say on policies. Sure we get to vote for our Congressman (by the way, Congressmen does include the Senators for those that bought into the president’s “if the Congress won’t act…” meme against the House of Representatives*),  but how well do they represent us when then make  sick  slick deals behind close doors at the eleventh hour? Is that the representation that our Founding Fathers envisioned while drafting our Constitution of limited government? Me thinks not.

Most politicians don’t represent the whole of America at all but are purely interested in their next election and will sell out their constituents in a heart beat. To semi-quote the great Mark Levin, they’re hired temps that make laws that upturn our lives forever. He actually called them temporary politicians but to me, hired temps is a description that most can relate to in our working lives. So much for no blue or red states, but one glorious United States of America. Those seemingly promising days seem so long ago.

So I submit a few opinions on how to win the presidency (of course I have voiced my opinions to policians before on RS to shore up the system: http://www.redstate.com/checkmate2012/2013/01/18/accountability-dodgeball-not-a-game-for-weaklings-or-whiners/ )

Scrap the entire tax code and replace it with a flat tax. The codes are so entangled and mangled with line items and deductions for special interest groups that it can’t be fixed or reformed.

It must be scraped and replaced so that no one or industry is favored or penalized. To hell with subsidies for energy be it green or black gold, or corn for fuel or eating, or wheat farms or soy farms or electric or gas cars; consumers just get higher prices.

It’s all favoritism in the tax code for someone and a penalty for another and all of us pay for these subsidies one way or another. Scrap them all since government has a very bad track record on picking winners and losers. Laisser-faire on matters of the market because it’s the consumer after all, that will pick the winners and losers with their pocketbook. Is that even taught in today’s schools?

Governor Perry had it right: we should be able to fill out our individual returns on a postcard. A flat tax of 10-15% without deductions would be sufficient but more importantly, all Americans would have skin in the game. And while I’m far from a corporate finance expert, I surmise that if we had a 15% corporate tax rate on revenue without complicated deductions and amortization and such, Treasury would be awash with money. Sorry CPA’s, accountants and IRS employees- OK , I’m not sorry.

Simple is better and communicating that our current system is rigged would be a rallying cry for all Americans that are struggling under massive taxes and regulations.

So I’d add that any politician that proposes to undo our tangled web of overbearing taxes and regulations would garner many votes from all corners of this country.

Remind us why we’re the home of the free and of the brave and really mean it “by making government as inconsequential in our lives as possible:**“. That’s how the next person will be elected to take up temporary residence in the people’s White House.

*This explanation was not needed for regular RS readers but for other posts.

**An unforgettable and magnificent quote of epic proportions in my opinion from Gov. Rick Perry.

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