Israel to Obama: We Won't Get Fooled Again

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Only a narcissist would believe that he deserves the faux outpouring of love and admiration this week from the Jewish state after years of his outright disrespect for them that stretched beyond the basic tenants of good statesmanship. As usual, the MSM and Lefty press are calling his speech historic and the best speech ev-ah given by any man on Earth.

After receiving Israel’s Presidential Medal of Distinction Thursday, becoming the first sitting  U.S. president to receive the honor, this must prove he’s the best friend Israel ever had. Or maybe their just playing him like a fiddle to get what they want: money and military support. (I’m on record that I think we should support them in every way possible as our only true ally in the region.)

I still don’t understand the purpose for his Middle East trip other than more photo-ops and to pretend like he’s a friend of Israel and that he wants a peace deal with those that bomb and hate Israel. Luckily brokering a peace deal wasn’t even on the agenda this trip. Good thing since one sure way to stall a deal is to ask our friends to feel empathy for those bombing them daily. Low and behold, Hamas, I mean the Palestinians, even bombed Israel during the president’s visit to send a message. Message not received or lost in translation due to big brain syndrome.

What’s astounding to me is he gave a speech to college kids instead of the Knesset which is the equivalent of going around Congress. This quote is straight from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals when he said, “has the wisdom to see the world as it is, but also the courage to see the world as it should be.” He then met with the PLO with Arafat’s big fat head above him yet he insisted that the Cross that would have been above his head, be covered up for a speech he gave at George Washington University. Surely that’s a coincident…or not.

Am I the only person that wonders why he has given more speeches to college age people rather than adults his own age? I know, I know, indoctrination and all. And most don’t have the knowledge or experience or opportunity to question his speeches that seem all nice and cozy. Yet that’s the audience he seems to feel most comfortable with for whatever reasons for the past several years. By the way, did you hear the boo’s during his speech from the college kids and he then heckled back at them? What camaraderie!

The point is, I think he was punk’d in Israel and didn’t even know due to his over-sized ego. Of course they will acquiesce and praise him with platitudes as the best president ever. They know how to stroke his ego and get what they need from him. Notice he didn’t tout the 1967 borders this time. He just managed to insult the government by going straight to the students and telling them that their government is irrelevant if they want a peace deal with the Palestinians and they must demand it.

I’m having deja vu: “Call your Congressman and demand they pass this bill now!” and “If Congress won’t act, then I’ll go around them”. He doesn’t play well with others on the playground if they don’t play by his rules. It’s one thing to pull these stunts on the country that elected him but it’s a disgrace for him to try to use these techniques on a sovereign country that he says he has their back. Where I come from, that’s called back-stabbing or crossing your fingers behind your back when you promise one thing and intend another. Just as children sense a lie, the Israelis are on to him regardless of their finger crossing behind their backs.

I’m sure the good people of Israel have these words from The Who memorized; “Won’t Get Fooled Again”. Sound advice for all of us that aren’t the ruling, political, elite class.


Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jerusalemprayerteam/8552117882/