Congrats to the 112th Congress! The Worst Ever...

For those that think I jest about gridlock, well I’m not joking. Call me crazy if you will. Many stories abound on the news and on-line media that this is the worst Congress ever; just do a search on “bills passed in the 112th Congress” and you’ll get all kinds of opinions that this 112th Congress was the least productive ever:

*According to a Huffington Post review of all the bills that hit President Barack Obama’s desk this session, Obama has signed 219 bills passed by the 112th Congress into law. With less than a week to go in the year, there are currently another 20 bills pending presidential action. In comparison, the last Congress passed 383 bills, while the one before it passed 460.

Other than the predictable fiscal cliff, which was manufactured by our lawmakers via sequestration to make themselves act responsibly and their inaction on the expiration of the Bush-era tax rates, and are now the same lawmakers that are supposed to fix this mess, I for one am thankful that this Congress was mostly at an impasse. Face it, the more bills these clowns cast and enact into law, the more of our God given rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are jeopardized. And while our economy is about to go down in flames, no one is talking about the Budget Control Act Sequestration cuts that will annihilate our military and hurt our national defense readiness; the one area we can all agree on that is a primary function of the federal government. Yet the Senate had time last Thursday to pass seven bills to name post offices. See what I mean!

In 2009 we saw a humongous stimulus package that turned out to be nothing but a payback for supporters and a slush fund for green energy cronies. Lest we forget Obamacare was shoved down our throats due to a super-majority. So to be clear, super-majorities are dangerous in the wrong hands. Poised for the 113th Congress, we’ll most likely see attempts at gun control, cap and trade or some variation, a VAT tax, higher taxes, less charitable deductions, more regulations and more green energy loans. More, more, more! More government intervention and laws means less freedom. It never ends with those that want to regulate our lives in the guise of helping the middle-class. I say quit meddling in the lives of the middle-class and they’ll muddle just fine!

We have four more years of tyranny that will be thrust upon us. We as Republicans, Conservatives and Independents must stand strong like our fore fathers against the Brits during the Revolutionary War because this is war; not a bloody one fought on battle fields but war against our freedom and the rights granted in our Constitution and by God that the Left want to destroy. So I say yes to passing budgets, funding our military, reducing the debt and tax burdens, stopping regulations by unelected bureaucrats and keeping promises to entitlement IOUs while trying to reform them for future generations. Nothing more and nothing less. Fix the problems without creating new laws that suffocate our everyday lives.

While most oppose a do-nothing Congress, I for one am glad to see a contentious and slow moving stalemate since that may be our only hope against the re-making of America into a socialist country. Thankfully we have Republican Governors (30 in 2013) of great states like Texas, Florida, Virginia and Wisconsin to name a few that refuse to succumb to the over-reach of the feds and they’ll probably be the last defense against a total expansion by the federal Leviathan. We shall see in the coming years but I’m extremely hopeful in their defense of the 10th Amendment after what we witnessed this year against Obamacare.

In honor of closing out 2012, I give a toast to the TEA Party for standing their ground on less government and less spending for which they were elected on and have held steadfast, knowing they’d get vilified by their own Party that needs to be more conservative and learn to speak the language. I also cheer to Speaker Boehner for trying to be a gentleman in a thug’s fight and would double-cheer if he’d graciously step down. But mostly I’d have to clink glasses with Dirty Harry Reid for his obstruction of nearly all the bills passed by the House. Because if anyone proved that the 112th Congress was the most dysfunctional ever, all arrows would point in Reid’s direction. Congratulations 112th Congress! And Happy 225th Birthday to our Constitution!

*I know the source sucks but there are many others.

**If only they would pass a bill that all regulations must go through Congress and not rogue agencies.