It's Time to Play TRUTH or DARE!

TRUTH or DARE! Such a silly game some of us played as children that in the end, had no real consequences beyond embarrassment.

Unfortunately it’s not a joke watching our elected leaders play chicken with our lives. It’s also not surprising since most of them only care about their next election so they’ll do just about anything, including obfuscate, exaggerate, and outright lie, in order to get along and get re-elected by their constituents.

With that in mind, I contend that the so-called “fiscal cliff” is either a self-fulfilled scam, pure insanity or C, all of the above. Did the Mayans just run out of stone or intentionally end their calendar on 12/12/12 to josh us? That we’ll never know but the same politicians that were supposed to deal with the debt ceiling in August of 2011 couldn’t, so here’s what they did, while the world watched with bated breath as to the make-up of its members(1):

1. The Budget Control Act of 2011 (BCA) established a super-committee wherein both parties appointed 6 representatives of their own party to find $1.5T (some say $1.2T) in savings over 10 years. Ten *&! years when we spend $11B per Day! Is that so hard! So if a committee is 6 vs. 6 = isn’t that a tie going into the fight, I mean debate? It was necessarily set up to fail given that some of the most partisan participants were appointed, again by the so-called leaders, so seemingly the people were duped from the out-start.

2. If the super brains, I mean committee, couldn’t come up with a deal, well they’d be forced to do so by what they passed as sequestration in the BCA to enforce action on the debt. Automatic cuts would be so onerous that both parties would have to compromise (2) to find the measly $1.5T. What could go wrong? It just so happens that the most important function of our federal government as expressly enumerated is national security and somehow it takes the biggest hit percentage wise. Plus those pesky tax cuts enacted by G.W. Bush get eliminated since they’re only for the rich. Oops, those are the same cuts that the president and the Dems want to keep, minus the richest of rich; the top two brackets that they claim have to pay their fair share, but in reality the GW tax cuts were mostly for the middle and lower class brackets.

3. Failure of the committee therefore couldn’t possibly, never ever, shall never come to be an outcome, but it was. Now the same jerks that agreed to this disaster are the same politicians trying to undo their doing. Really? I never saw that coming! That is the classic definition of insanity. So much for the rule of law by our lawmakers.

Onward we go to repeal or lessen a law duly passed by Congress and signed into law by the president. The law was written to state that the sequestration can be avoided if $1.5T over 10 years was reduced from the deficit in 10 years, regardless of the method.

I get dizzy with the number of zeros but if the president wants $1.2T in tax increases with $400B in reductions plus $50B in stimuli, I don’t see $1.5T in deficit reduction. Nor does increasing taxes on those making $1M or more accomplish that nebulus goal. It’s a scam to make us think our elected officials are actually working towards the good of America and its future- not!

So time for, Let’s Play Truth or Dare!

The TRUTH is…  most politicians, particularly on the Left, don’t tell the truth but what’s new and that won’t change anytime soon. At least Boehner tried when he said we don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. If I hear revenue used one more time as a synonym for tax increase I think I’ll scream! Quit using the Left’s language that distorts the truth Mr. Speaker and please cease negotiating with Obama who has no intention of dealing square up. Boehner could have offered an unlimited debt ceiling for 4 more years in return for massive entitlement cuts- quite a coup for O Inc. but the answer is still no. It’s O’s way or the highway. He must fulfill his campaign rhetoric of punishing the “wealthy” if for that reason alone. There is nothing Republicans can do to change his position and that’s the truth. No means no! Unless…we dare him and his party.

The DARE is…  the House will vote AFTER the Senate votes on whatever plan Obama and Reid cook up. If they want tax rates to go up on those making over $250K with little to nothing on deficit reduction, so be it. Take it to a vote. My guess is Pelosi, Schumer and Durbin don’t want to vote for it since $250K isn’t all that rich in their states for a family plus state taxes, let alone Senators in MA, NJ, and VA. We all know it won’t address the real problem and I pray they won’t get any Republican votes at all if it’s this year (I’m talking to you Snowe and Collins). My guess it will be similar to the president’s budget- well maybe greater than zero, but very few Dem votes in favor as they have to CYA before their next election.

It’s no longer “make my day”, it’s now, take the vote. Let the chips fall where they may and let the 2014 election be their downfall day.

(1) http://money.cnn.com/2011/08/17/news/economy/debt_negotiations_secret/index.htm

(2) Compromise should be a 4-letter word when dealing with the Left