Mr. President, Open Up Your Town Halls and Answer Some Real Questions. If I was a Reporter with Clout, Here is My Interview.

Mr. President, you have repeatedly claimed to be the torch bearer for the middle class. Yet everything you do seems to  hurts the middle class. The economy isn’t growing enough to even keep up with population growth. Why not let the New Media press ask you questions rather than just the MSM that has favored you from the start? You also said you would have the most transparent administration in history. Please be true to your words as a candidate and allow questions from all walks of life, not just your hardened constituents and your stacked town hall meetings.

Here are my questions to you Mr. President:

1. If you raise the taxes on the top 3%, will you put all of that revenue to reducing the debt?

2. Why did you give nearly a million illegal aliens the right to stay and work in our country? Did you examine if they would help our economy or was it carte blanche for votes?

3. Did you stop to think that allowing young illegal immigrants to work will take some jobs from citizen youth, especially young minorities?

3. Do people have to show a picture ID to attend one of your speeches? Will one be required at the Democratic Convention in N.C.?

4. Do you think your immigration directive will entice more illegals to come here? Is someone still a child at the age of 30?

5. What is your plan to get America working?

6.. On the stump you have said you want to invest in green energy, education, more police and teachers, and more infrastructure. Wasn’t that the purpose for your $1.2 trillion stimulus bill? Where are those jobs the taxpayers paid dearly for and how many were created?

7. Did we have to borrow from China and other countries to implement the American Recovery Act (aka Stimulus)?

8. Why is the unemployment rate stuck at 8.2%?

9. What are your solutions to getting America back to work, besides building more infrastructure and hiring more wonderful public works employees? Does government create jobs?

10.  Why did you invoke Executive Privilege for Eric Holder?

11. What will you do differently in your second term to jump start the economy, besides infrastructure, education and more police and firemen?

12. Mr. President, do you actually have a plan that doesn’t include more government spending?

13. Do you think we need to reduce the debt?

14. What is your plan for reducing the debt?

15. Does it trouble you that more Americans are in need of government assistance programs? Does it add to the debt?

16. Are you afraid of Iran getting a nuclear bomb?

17. Do you favor the newest CA idea that children can have more than two parents?

18. Why won’t you release your college transcripts when you are calling for more tax returns from Romney than are required by law?

19. Why are you killing the energy sector, including coal as evidenced by your statement, “you can build a coal plant but you will go bankrupt if you do”?

20. You say Romney is an elitist out-of-touch kinda guy. Why do you spend so much time with the richest Hollywood set? Are they the “middle class” to you?

21. Why do you support the Taliban and Muslim Brotherhood? Do you support Israel?

22. Why do you deserve for Americans to entrust another four years of you as our President? What is your plan and would you do anything differently?

23. What is America’s role on the world stage? Do you think we’re an exceptional country?

24. If you could, what one thing would you change in the Constitution?

25. Why do you think you can act without Congress when there are three co-equal branches of government? Do you agree that the branches are co-equal?

26.Why haven’t you engaged with Congress when even those in your Party feel a bit left out?

27. Why don’t  you believe in State’s Rights, especially when they are only trying to help uphold Federal Laws? Can states ignore bank robbers?

28. If you feel so strongly that Obamacare is a sound bill, why won’t you ask Reid to hold a vote to keep or repeal the law like he promise to Speaker Boehner in the 2010 budget talks?

29. Would you be offended if the Republicans held a super-majority like you had for your 1st two years and passed a similar bill using reconciliation?

30. Why did you announce a date-certain end date for Afghanistan?

31. Do you know that more young soldiers have died in Afghanistan since you’ve been in office than the entire time under President Bush?

30. It’s been reported that you pick the “kill” list for drone strikes? Why do you think that is more humane than questioning them at Gitmo?

32. Why do you think you have more experience to run this country as a community organizer, than Romney who has been a successful business man and Governor? What are you qualifications besides the 3 plus years on the job?

33. If you were to tell every American why they should vote for you, what would you tell them?

34. Lastly, you continually place much blame on your predecessor, President Bush. Why have you adopted many of his policies after you abhorred them and actually voted against them when you were a Senator??

If only I could ask him questions that the media won’t. Unfortunately I will never get the opportunity to ask the real questions on many minds of  Americans that deserve honest answers. and neither will anyone else.