Desperation or Isolation? Obama Should be Feeling Both, just ask the NBP!

It’s been another telling week for Obama’s re-election prospects and he may have lost any remaining signs of hope and change, especially within his own party. After releasing his marquee campaign ad bashing Romney’s and his time at Bain Capital, he spent the entire week mopping up his surrogate’s remarks from Corey Booker rather than staying on message. And at least four other prominent Democrats spoke out in favor of private equity firms: Ed Rendell, former Democratic Governor of  Pennsylvania, Steven Rattner, his former economic adviser, former U.S. Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. and U.S. Senator Mark Warner.


But it gets worse from his own ranks. Per a Politico.com article dated 5/22, (http://politi.co/MCG8xI), by Manu Raju titled Democrats wait by phone for President Obama , his first words are:

“He doesn’t call. He doesn’t write. He doesn’t drop by for a visit.  That’s what some of the most senior Democrats in Congress are  experiencing from President Barack Obama these days.”

Recent democratic primary results should also be a serious sign of isolation and lack of voter support when a federal prisoner, uncommitted  choice and an unknown candidate John Wolfe all got about 40% of the presidential primary votes- uh oh.

Then I found this little gem from TheDailyCaller.com (http://dailycaller.com/2012/05/22/disappointed-in-obama-new-black-panthers-openly-consider-the-bullet/. Even the New Black Panther Party is down on Obama. Believe me, I have no desire to give these creeps any credibility. This just points out that when even a radical crew like the NBP is unhappy, you have a mutiny on your ship. They should be happy that O’s DOJ turned their heads on all of their illegal shenanigans but according to the article, they are very unhappy:

The small but vocal New Black Panther Party is woefully disappointed in  President Barack Obama, and is openly implying that the best way to reach its  goals is no longer through “the ballot” but through “the bullet.” In the Spring edition of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) newspaper — cover reading “The Ballot or The Bullet: which  way for black people?” — NBPP Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz breaks down the  presidential election, concluding the Democratic Party is the “institutional  pimp of Black peoples and the Black Nation” and that Obama has “been a real  disappointment.”

Another paragraph reads, ““Mr. Obama’s policies have not corrected the economic troubles of America, they  have gotten worse,” Kweli wrote. “The debt continues to expand [into the  trillions], and the administration’s handling of international relations has  hardened dialogue with foreign nations. Mr. Obama’s policies have been  especially harsh to us the Black community. He [Obama] bailed out Wall Street  and the auto makers but kept us at the top of the unemployment ladder.” Also, “With strategy, Obama will sing a little Al Green, do a little dance, and win  black votes. Sadly like obedient sheep’s (sic), we go to the polls and vote for ‘Black skin,’ no matter how destructive the policies,” Kweli added.

In addition to the Democratic in-fighting, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that on Monday, 43 Catholic organizations filed 12 federal lawsuits seeking to overturn the Obama administration’s recent HHS mandate. RedStaters are well aware of this I’m sure but the MSM is mum on the subject. This is a massive law suit, akin to the State AGs lawsuit on Obamacare, but yet it is being covered up by the establishment press.

And now just breaking, the DNC was summarily dispatched to WI to help Barrett by Obama’s campaign as well as hundreds of  Axelrod’s minions. Now there’s a flip-flop on spend or save for another rainy day election battle! It seemed they packed it up and decided not to spend dollars on a losing battle a couple of weeks ago. FoxNews just reported a progressive group, PCCC, canceled a $100K ad buy for Barrett two weeks ahead of the election. Hmm. Go Walker!

R.I.P composite Julia! Your creators are desperately trying to save their political careers and are way too busy to keep you alive…you’re on your own now.