We Always Pay for a Few Bad Apples...

So here we go again with the majority taking a hit for a few minority offenders; it never ends. So Secret Service now has to take ethics training because a few members were a bit overt in their actions. (This post is not to excuse them in any way whatsoever for their behavior which was awful!)

It is about a few actors going rogue and the rest of us paying for their stupid actions. For historical purposes, let ‘s look at what resulted from a certain CEO at MCI WorldCom who cost me and many others thousands.  All of the remaining loyal workers that weren’t convicted had to take ethics training. Did we do wrong? No. We suffered for the criminals that did do wrong in terms of time and money for training we didn’t need or deserve.

So here we have the Secret Service, about 20,000 employees, that are committed to their job to protect the president and other high ranking officials, willing to give up their life, and now ALL of them have to pay the price for a few bad apples.

This phenomenon isn’t new and creates a dangerous cause and effect from our lawmakers. We have WorldCom & Enron, thus the creation of Sarbanes-Oxley,  then we had AIG and Lehman Brothers et al, so now we have Dodd-Frank and on a lighter note we have the red-light camera laws.  None of these laws were necessary if those charged with oversight did their job in the first place (i.e. SEC, Congress, FTC, law enforcers).

The point being is that most people obey the laws and are punished for a few that break them and the cost of the new laws may be worse in comparison.  I surmise that the laws in response to the outrageous actions of a few are an over-reach at best and a demise for the rest at worst.