And divided we fall...

It’s been amazing to watch the complete and utter chaos displayed on RS over which candidate deserves the Republican nomination and eventual vote in the general and by which group of voters gains and earns his respect. It’s all over the map in the form of different groups be it evangelicals, atheists, agnostics, Christians of different denominations, etc. and all profess that their viewpoint is better than another.

The one thing all parties agree to purport is that they’re conservative in their values. Debate is a great tool to learn from each other and share opinions, theories, and visions and then use that information to formulate one’s own viewpoint. Yet even when some want questions answered in that quest for knowledge or to be convinced of a proposition, it isn’t always forthcoming without criticism.

I guess we really are more of a divided country than I thought when conservatives are having such a hard time coming together to eliminate the most destructive presence in our lives, that of Obama, that has divided this country so viscerally. Is my observation naive as a newcomer to RS or is this the norm?

United we stand and divided we fall….at least it’s reassuring to know that everyone here will unite for the Republican in the General election.

If  I get banned for opining my observations, thank you all for letting me contribute the last couple of months. A sincere Godspeed to all at RedState and God Bless America!


“To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”
― Thomas Paine

“A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it the superficial appearance of being right”
― Thomas Paine, Common Sense