Watch for Response to Occupy DOJ Next Tuesday

Next Tuesday should be an interesting day to watch what Eric Holder does or says to those planning an occupy protest at the Justice department as they gather to rally for the release of a Philadelphia Black Panther Party member, Mumia Abu-Jamala, who was convicted of killing a police officer in 1981 and was on death row until 5 months ago.

The details of the article from Breitbart.com are posted today at:  http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/04/20/left-wing-teachers-plan-to-occupy-u-s-department-of-justice-to-defend-a-cop-killer, includes this excerpt:

“After years of left-wing activism on his behalf, Mumia’s fortunes took an upswing five months ago when Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams dropped the death penalty against him.”

Is Holder involved in this decision too as we’ve seem him curry favor to the (New) Black Panther Party in the past? There is no evidence of this in the above referenced article so it’s just me wondering out loud and took interest given the recent focus on Holder in the news and here at RS.  The article does cite several organizations and groups that will be at the protests, including some public teachers unions.

One of the groups listed in the article that will be in attendance is Rethinking Schools.  I did some snooping of my own on their website and found out that it is a far-left, non-profit organization headquartered in Wisconsin that promotes social justice among other radical visions for kids in K-12.  As part of its 25th year anniversary party, last October they invited none other than Bill Ayers as their special guest and keynote speaker! The left-wing conspiracy seems as real as ever to me as they weave their twisted web in all aspects of our lives, from kindergarten to the White House.

With a cast of characters the likes of the Black Panthers, teacher unions, DOJ and probably a sprinkling of OWS, will the MSM report it and will the Administration or Holder give them air time? One can only hope not but stay tuned for the update on April 24th!