What the Rosen Fluke is going on? War on Moms, GSA Fraud, Unemployment Claims

Up, Secret Service Agents with Prostitutes, Rocket Launch in N. Korea after Clinton “Warned” them, Iranian Nuke Talks without Obama, the Buffet Rule he tried to rename the Reagan Rule, Stock Market Sinking, Gas Prices Up, and the list goes on and just for this one week!

What a great week it was to watch the White House scramble to cover up their zoo! When Obama put in his cabinet and czars, I knew
he had just released the most radical agents into the White House since the Roosevelt administration. Once you open the cage doors, there
is no stopping them and Obama has no idea how to reign them in, provided he wants to, in order to save his presidency.

Unfortunately this isn’t a laughing matter for our country as there are serious consequences to our national security and prosperity. It is pathetic to watch how they have governed (I use the word lightly) and ground our country into the dirt for their own socialistic purposes. So my glee comes from the tent being lifted for all to see what’s really going on here and the MSM actually reporting on some of it and definitely not expense and damage to America to be clear.

Let’s hope the Americans that normally don’t pay much attention to politics got to see first hand how inept, devious and impotent this admin really is as it has been on full display this week. They give a whole new meaning to the movie “Animal House”!