Romney Hit the Target @ NRA Speech

Romney spoke from the heart on many issues that conservatives care about today and did so in a convincing way in my opinion. To me it was heartfelt. I say that since “everyone” says BHO is such a great speaker but when it’s teleprompted, it never seems heartfelt, unless he’s angry which is all the time lately.

The point is, Romney covered a lot of topics but the gist was he wants to restore America to the land of liberty. And it was believable, to me, even bringing a couple of tears when he talked about the soldier returning home in a casket at Logan. He talked about following the Constitution if he were to be elected. Maybe he has changed his viewpoints over time like most people in their 40’s plus have done so based on experience and knowledge.

So before you verbally beat me up as a RomneyBot, which I’m not if you’ve read any of my posts, I hope all will view the speech and make your own observations. I think he hit this one out of the ballpark.