The Proof on Romney is Still Unknown

Before rushing to judgement about Romney like the media zealots in the Florida case, about what he will or won’t do as a our nominee or even the next president, shouldn’t we give him time to prove his case in a general election? On the 1st day post Santorum, Romney is already taking BHO to task on the contrived Republican war on women and against a big government society among other issues.

As I’ve posted before, he’s not my favorite pick, and once again I won’t have a voice or meaningful vote in TX, but he will be our candiate to win back the White House. I’m willing to listen to give the guy some space to prove who he is and how he’ll return our country to the America we know and love.

I’d encourage all of the great minds on this forum to go to his website and give him suggestions on how to win like I did, specifically asking him to concentrate on constitutional values. The proof is yet to come and the outcome may surprise many of us or maybe it won’t…only time will tell for the only viable candidate we have left to give BHO a pink slip.