Vote for Your Life

All elected officials that have gone public to condemn Zimmerman should be voted
out of office. Everyone should be afraid because you may be their next target
regardless of your origin of nationality.

It’s inconceivable that any elected official would call for a lynch mob before
due process has taken place. Didn’t they swear to uphold the Constitution before
being sworn in to office whereby all people are created equal, assumed innocent
and given a jury of their peers? Anybody could be next- Black, Asian, White,
Hispanic or even White-Hispanic, White-Black, White-Asian, White-White, whatever
all that nonsense means, as we are all Americans, regardless of color.

Is this what we’ve come down to as a civil society? Bounties issued because it appears
that justice hasn’t been served and yet no court of law for this case has been gaveled into session?
One tragic incident in Florida, maybe a crime, we don’t know yet, is
making the headlines when in fact hundreds of American’s are killed senselessly
everyday by all walks of life against all kinds of innocent people.

Why is this case so special to garner so much air time? Without a doubt it
is tragic, just like any time a human being is killed by another human being for
whatever inane reason.

It’s been reported that about 46 shootings and 14 deaths took place around St. Patrick’s Day                                                                                   weekend in the south side of Chicago alone and there has been no mention from our black leaders.                                                                                Why isn’t that worth talking about on capital  hill to put focus on this horrible problem affecting                                                                                     predominately black and  poor neighborhoods across the country that we should try to solve as a united

Congress held a hearing on black profiling, yet many in our black leadership,
including the New Black Panther leader, want to cry foul and tell us that
nothing has changed in this country towards the progress of equality. Martin Luther King
would be appalled at this false hijacking of the truth and motivation for headlines
in the name of civil liberty.

The recklessness of some of our elected leaders to disregard the law in favor of
the color of one’s skin color should give all Americans pause. Do they only set
aside our judicial system of presumption of innocence until proven guilty,
beyond a reasonable doubt, in a court of law, for black people? What happens if
the political winds of “cause du jour” change?

It is time for Americans to vote for elected officials that represent all
Americans, not just for those who make the headline of the day because today’s
headline is tomorrow’s fish wrapper.

Do not let them use you as a temporary political pawn in their endeavor to gain

Vote as if your life depends upon, regardless of the color of your skin, because
you just might be the next target.