America, We have a Problem

If we can’t drill our way out of high gas prices on our own land or return our brave astronauts to earth without Russian assistance for a huge ransom, we have a problem. The problem is our president has burned the bridge from reality to insanity.

Why eliminate NASA and mandate that it should be a free-enterprise and all the while create a dependency on a foreign country that hasn’t been a trustworthy friend? So many super smart scientists laid off in the name of all countries shall be equal and it costs too much.

President Obama already gave up our defense missiles in Poland that took years of negotiations for nothing in return as a way to heal the earth for all of America’s so called “evils”.  Now we get a wink, wink, nod, nod from our commander in chief to USSR KGB Putin -“wait until I get re-elected” and then he will fully trust and support them for their good will to all men. This is the same country that won’t sanction Syria’s slaughter of their own citizens.

America, we have a problem when our President, who swore to uphold our constitution, gives away our national security for the sake of  politics and the audacity of hope that the world will be a greater place if only America knew it’s place in the world.  Let’s not forget, he had a do over for his inaugural swearing in a day later and no cameras were allowed. Why?

There is no ficticious bridge from oil to algea, from prosperity to global harmony, from fairness for all to Obama’s utopia . Yet so many American’s are fine with the status quo, which in this case,  has no tethercord back to democracy.

America, we have a problem that only the voting box can solve. Checkmate Obama.