Ah-Chu! Gesundheit Secretary Chu !

I think you sneezed at the American people and oil companies when you gave yourself  “better than an A-” on the Hill  a couple of weeks ago. Per Secretary Chu, “Well, the tools we have at our disposal are limited, but I would say I would give myself a little higher,” he told committee Chairman Darrell Issa. “Since I became secretary of energy, I’ve been doing everything I can to get long-term solutions.”

The answer he gave is worse than his less than humble grading of himself. What does “limited tools at our disposal mean”? Could it be that the EPA regulations can’t get implemented fast enough or is it that pesky constitution getting in his way? It’s obvious that by stifling oil production leases, he has no other option but to find long-term solutions that effect the price of gasoline. In 2009, Secretary Chu made headlines to save energy by painting roofs and roads white in order to reflect sunlight back into space. Today, Solyndra solar panels would replace the white petroleum-based paint if they were still in business.

Sec. Chu may be book smart and a brilliant scientist but that doesn’t mean he can run a department with over 100,000 workers or know practical world applications. It reminds me of a certain community activitst and law professor we have as our CEO and commander and chief,  otherwise known as our President. Theory doesn’t produce results; reality does. And the reality is, the entire administration is full of theorists. Gesundheit America!